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Practice yoga regularly

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llielI did this i did this i did this!!!


...and promptly fell on my face and got a nose bleed.

I may never do this again.4 weeks ago

GenerationAFor 2014: Two Small Steps

For the next year, I want to take two small steps to bringing Yoga strongly back into my life:

1) Recite Patanjali’s first book once a day
2) Do at least onee Sun Salutation in the morning. 3 months ago

llielDude friend

I taught my Dude Friend sun salutations and a couple more poses last night. He fell over a little, and he’s a self-proclaimed athletic slkdjfkldjfd type. So I enjoy showing people that it’s not as easy as it looks, and you can get your heart rate up quite easily by switching rapidly through positions.

I’m considering doing proper yoga training, towards certification during winter break and the summer. Wouldn’t it be fun to have that as a job :) 4 months ago

llielThree days of yoga

Two days ago
  • 8 sun salutations.
  • Backward bends.
  • Pigeon pose.
  • Complex warrior pose.
  • Laying-on-floor-lazy-pose.
  • 10 sun salutations.
  • Warrior pose.
  • Leg/arm stretches (generic)
Today I Plan
  • Follow one gentle tutorial video.
  • Warrior pose (easy) a couple of times.
  • 8-10 sun saltuations (slow). 8 months ago

llielI should be doing this every day.

Time to do 10 sun salutations.

Now I’ll learn a new pose every week!
Gogogo. 10 months ago

dc_mercutioBack to class

Has been months (let’s be honest, almost a year) since I’ve done yoga but went to class this evening. Definitely painful and very out of practice but happy to be back at it. 11 months ago


  • Warrior pose practice
  • Nope, I can’t do the crow yet.
  • 7 sun salutations.
  • Taught mama yoga.
  • Back stiffness is relieved after 3 sun salutations and a couple of twists to my back. 12 months ago

Ever mindfulI have been away from yoga for too long!

This week I started to incorporate a few poses into my workout. I am going to look for a class I can attend too. 15 months ago

Elle LUntitled

In the new year, I would like to go to yoga once a week (at least). It seems kind of like a hassle to do, but if you find the right studio, it will pay off because you will have time to just relax and unwind. Hopefully Kailvaya studio right in my building does not disappoint. Also, now that I have an “om” tattoo, I kind of have to prove it to people that I’m into this stuff. 15 months ago

narelle14 days in a row...

new record for me! I think my motivation comes from the inspiration I receive from my yoga class and teacher. She is amazing! 18 months ago

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