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tebirkesGot a design

Geodesic dome! 21 months ago

AlioshMy experience

I’d say most people who want this want food for an extended season, and you have a good solar exposure. Remember the sun drops to the south in the winter, so what gets full sun in October, might be blocked by a house or something else in December!

Anyway, I’d suggest just planting seeds for Autumn and Winter fresh veg in august or so, and Surround them with a cold frame. Elliot Coleman’s done it in some cold places and for many years. said it’s the easiest way to extend the season. He recommends just succession planting all Spring and Summer, sort of laid back gardening approach compared to all at once mentality.. 2 years ago


Well, we had to hire someone in the end to finish putting up the plastic. I’ve been completely busy with the chickens and selling at the farmer’s markets, so I cried “uncle” and got someone else to do it. Can’t wait for it to cool off enough to actually use it! 3 years ago

MissClaireeeAll that's left is the plastic

The frame is done, the door is up. All we need now is a lot of hands and a calm, non windy day. 3 years ago

bushbabewe've got lads of space, but no money

any suggestions? 5 years ago

AngelSpiritGoing Green.

Is this hinged more on location or will? The desire for fresh homegrown food shouldn’t be squashed by my not having my own backyard. The roommate might have no objection to friendly plants in the back. 5 years ago

funkybunsThis looks good


But I’m not sure about using polythene… 6 years ago

kmom2468Going to retire this goal for the moment

I will certainly revisit this in the future – and I know that SOMEDAY I absolutely WILL have one. But for now, I’m going to give up on this one. 6 years ago

kmom2468The catalogs keep taunting me!

It’s winter and the garden is mostly asleep (except for some peas and some oregano), and I am soooo desiring a green house. Putting all my spare money into flying, though, so for now, I will just have to keep dreaming. One good thing, though – when I finally Go For It, I will know exactly what I want and why. 6 years ago

nEllenthe petunias are blooming!

Indoors, under fluorescent lights, the petunias are all beginnning to open their first blooms. I think I planted them Feb. 1. I planted geraniums at the same time, but they have a way to go yet. It was the day before my mom’s big surgery that saved her life. I am so happy to have her here still to show my petunia blossoms to! 7 years ago

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