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pass my A/s levels

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I remember adding this last year and then removing it because I was sure I wouldn’t pass.
I’ve added it again because I did pass and it’s something i’d like to brag about. 20 months ago


i think this is going to be difficult for me seeing as i started my courses 2 months later than everyone else :( 5 years ago

somewheregreenAS Levels

I’m In My First Year Of Sixth Form And Am Finding It Hard To Motivate Myself. I Really Want To Pass My AS Levels And Get Into My Second Year Of Sixth Form. I’m Determined I Will Do It. 6 years ago


well… i passed with ABBCC yay!!! 7 years ago


well, i have done all of my exams now and all i can do now is wait for the results on 17th August :S 7 years ago


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