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camp under the stars

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When I say “camp under the stars,” I mean I want to camp outside with just a sleeping bag. I’ve gone camping, but I’ve always stayed in a cabin or a tent. 5 years ago


I used to love camping and haven’t been for YEARS. I live in a beautiful part of England and people travel to camp here but I never go. It’s WAY too cold at the moment (snow!) sadly so I think this goal will have to wait until spring. 5 years ago

JahlizzTwinkle, twinkle

I actually did camp under the stars when I had to stake out my place overnight for a spot at my daughter’s preschool!! But I was in the SoCal suburbs and couldn’t really see many stars.

This is more about conquering a fear than anything else… the fear of being out in the open air, exposed to bears, mountain lions, rabid raccoons. I’ll let you know how it goes. 5 years ago


Jason and I had dinner outside and decided spontaneously that we wanted to sleep under the stars. One of his friends told us about Boca Reservoir and how there’s lots of meadows we can sleep in and won’t be bothered. Well, we did. I wouldn’t mind waking up to a beautiful meadow and falling asleep under the stars and in jason’s arms all the time. 6 years ago


so worth it – i’ve been doing things like this all my life and it significantly shaped my outlook on life, existence, and me. 7 years ago


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