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EmbemDrei Monaten und dann ich reise nach Deutschland.

Only 3 months until I leave for Germany.
I am really scared, but I have been talking to my host partner and she seems really cool. I am not too worried, because I have actually had a few conversations with her, but speaking the language is a lot different than chatting on MSN.
I am in German 4 right now, so that is good, and I am getting a lot better at speaking the language now that I am back in practice.
I think, when I get back from my trip, I’ll be able to mark off this goal.
=) 5 years ago

EmbemEs gibt nicht viel deutsch weil ich duetsch vier spaeter dieses jahr hab.

I don’t have german until second semester.
So, I have a few months of almost no practice.
This is not good.
Ha ha. 5 years ago

EmbemTut mir leid. Ich hab nicht so viel geschrieben.

Sorry for neglecting to update on this goal.
But, I am almost finished with German 3 in school.
Going to camp in a couple months and get this… NEXT SUMMER I AM GOING TO GERMANY!
=] 6 years ago

EmbemIch kann aber nicht gut.

Well…I have had German 1 in school and I have had about 5 years of summer camp (which last one week) However, I want to be able to have a normal conversation rather than having to talk about my cat or something silly like that. 6 years ago


I speak German at a poor intermediate level… That’s just not enough. I can understand a lot of things but when it comes to writing or speaking I make tons of mistakes. 7 years ago


hallo, ic studiere die deutsche sprache in der Uni , und ich kann nicht gut sprachen , ich fuehle dass ich kann besser schreiben . naechstes Jahr will ich sehr gut Deutsch sprachen, so ich muss werken und sehr lernen im Haus 8 years ago


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