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RachelAlways a work in progress

I’ve been more conscientious the last 2 months about being a better friend. I’ve made sure I’m texting friends more often, especially those whom I don’t see too often (mostly due to distance). So far I have 3 days with different sets of friends planned for within the next month and a half. 1 month ago

Alexis Garado:)

Oh, God, to the people in California, I was terrible. Such a jerk. Pushing them away when all they wanted to do was help. I’m determined to do better here in Japan. 2 months ago

aswedishlimeWatching 2-year old F

So friends B & J can have a nice lunch out alone for the husband’s birthday. I’m looking forward to the time together, and only slightly nervous we’ll run out of things to do. 2 months ago

NicolesophieBest Friends

I am guilty of letting life get in the way of my friendships. I’m guilty of not picking up when they call because I’m busy. But that’s not the kind of friend I want to be. I absolutely love my 3 best friends, they are my family & I’m going to make more of an effort. Tonight I made time to talk to one of my best friends about a fight they had with their boyfriend. We made plans for her to visit, as she could really use a pick me up. I also made plans to see another friend one day this week & plan to call the other tomorrow. I’m making the effort now & it feels wonderful! 5 months ago


Today I bought a cupcake for my friend :) I didn’t know what cupcakes were until I saw the American show 2 Broke Girls. Some places started to sell cupcakes as the show is getting popular here. A few weeks ago I found the German bakery in my town was selling cupcakes. I decided to buy some for my friends. Today I went to that area but sadly I couldn’t find the bakery.. But fortunately a Cafe nearby sells home-made cupcakes too! They only had one left so I got it and brought it to my friend’s workplace. The cupcake looked sooo pretty! I had to stop myself from biting it. My friend was surprised when she saw me there. She couldn’t talk with me though because she was very busy today. I had to give it to the sercurity guard and asked him to give the cupcake to my friend. She texted me later tonight telling me how she loved the cupcake! It was her first time had a cupcake :P I didn’t have the chance to taste it because it was the last one in the Cafe. I wish I could see how it taste but it’s okay I will go there next time. And I’m happy because the cupcake made my friend happy :P 11 months ago


I ran into a friend from high school a couple days ago. She looked so exhausted and sad. When I asked how she had been, she told me she just broke up with her bf.. I was in a hurry to meet another friend so I couldn’t stay long talking with her. She looked like she needed some company. I felt quite sad for her. She was so happy the last time I saw her. I think I will organize a reunion soon. I hope this will cheer her up :) 11 months ago

aswedishlimeMy friends M & S again

They had their baby, and a bunch of us gals welcomed them home today with balloons, a banner for the door, fresh flowers, and pizza.

Friend B watched their 2-year old overnight and today, and invited me over to breakfast this morning with them. It was such a joy to be able to watch over her, too.

Tonight as our friends settled back in, I could nurture either child, give them some extra hands, and share in their joy of their family of four.

I am blessed. 11 months ago

aswedishlimemy friends M & S

Hosting their baby shower today felt so great. They’ve been awesome friends in such a short amount of time, and it was fun to shower them with love and gifts. The other co-hosts also appreciated what I offered in terms of planning, and that felt special, too. Today was an excellent day for friendship! 13 months ago

Jessica OshimaUntitled

I am not the best firend to have and I want to improve that. I am only really close to one guy friend I have which we know each other like in a very close way. I want to be a better friend so I can attract people more. I can improve. 14 months ago

aswedishlimeMy best friend S from college

I’m in her hometown with her. Holding her in her struggle with her mom who is desperately mentally ill. I haven’t seen her mom, because I’d hate for her mom to be distressed any more than she already is. (Her mom still holds a lot of shame and secrecy about what’s really going on.). But she’s continually in my prayers, and I really hope she doesn’t fall through the cracks of social services.

It’s been great to hug my friend, to hear all of her honest story, to watch over her 1-year old while she and her husband collect belongings from her mom’s condemned house and alternately, during patient visiting hours.

I feel good that I am so much closer (geographically and in friendship) to share her confidence. And I know I’m serving her the best way I know how. 15 months ago

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