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Jonice HarrisUntitled

lakisha spearman 16 months ago

Jonice HarrisUntitled

gold what me to going to school 16 months ago

SarabandMy car

is 11 years old now. Still running well but I’m starting to worry a little more about reliability and the increasing maintenance costs. Recently we were whizzing round the M25 in B’s lovely new car and I started thinking. A few thoughts floated around in my head. I have the feeling that if I can fit them all together I might find there is a way for me to replace mine – something I’ve not planned for as I haven’t had the funds. Maybe, just maybe….

:) 1 year ago

azmathussainFancy Wheels

I have a set of goals regarding the vehicle I drive. I’m currently driving a 1998 Honda Accord Coupe. It’s an amazing vehicle and has kept up considerably, but its getting old and will need replacement soon.

Fundamentally, I’d just like a car to get me from point-A to point-B, but I’ve had that already, and now I want something more comfortable and FUN! :)

My ultimate achievement in this area is to pick up a BMW X6. I’ve loved that car for a while now, but my other goal points along the way include the Cadillac CTS-V, or maybe a BMW M3. 2 years ago


haven’t thought of doing it… but hell yeah… I’ve changed it… this time a bigger car, I won’t care it is an used car… well, it’s in good condition, more reliable for my job..

thanks to my friend that willing to give me a good deal… and I am very happy of this, this is the most wonderful thing happened in 2010!!! 3 years ago

SpeshLTonyI swapped with my wife

It had to be done. 3 years ago

MaximeWho wants to sit in it?

The first one that comes to Quebec will! :P 5 years ago

MaximeHere's a picture of it!

So, this is my Mazda6. :) 5 years ago


It’s in the driveway, the keys are in my pocket, it’s mine, mine mine!!! :D

I’ll post pictures soon. :) 5 years ago

MaximeYAHOOOOOO!!!!!! :D:D:D

I’ll be driving home a 2004 Mazda6 GS next week, it’s official!!!

Monday or Tuesday, it’s the only thing that still has to be confirmed. :) 5 years ago

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