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So, I’ve actually found the perfect place to live. It’s less than a 5 minute walk to everywhere I regularly go (which is going to be a huge plus when it starts to get unearthly hot down here in Phoenix). I spoke with the landlord and he seems to want to rent the place to me. I haven’t signed the lease yet, but I’m very eager to get this down in writing and start moving! 5 years ago


We moved to a bigger apartment and although there were a few bumps in the road (damn new super of the building wanting to evict my baby Beethoven because of his squawking…) everything is for the better now. Just waiting for the tax returns from my three current jobs so I can pay off my remaining debt! Ahh…to be free again… 6 years ago

DouxdelPreparing to move

I have everything all worked out. We have the apartment and they have the security deposit. All that is needed to be done is sign the lease and start packing and moving. Given that me, my fiance, and his friend (our roommate) our all college students we do not have that many things to really move but all our friends and family are willing to help and we are moving out Thursday, February 1st, 2008. _6 years ago

randomaliaAugust 1 is my moving date.

For only $40 more a month than I’m paying now, I’ll have some great things that my crappy apartment that I’m in now does not have:
a washer/dryer in unit, a garage, 50 more square feet, vaulted ceilings, central air, and the patio is twice as large.

I’m also leaving behind annoying neighbors, graffiti, traffic, and a very dirty laundry room. 6 years ago

markbucayanMoving to a new apartment...

We are moving to a new apartment tomorrow! 8 years ago

luvableliz21i cant wait....

our apartment wont be ready till next month, seams like eternity. this week i will start to pack all of the boxes. the only bad thing is: we are moving from the 1st floor to thr 3rd floor! ykes! but other than that i cant wait and im counting down till our move in date (sept. 10th) 8 years ago

Chris LeeUntitled

I love our new apartment! 9 years ago

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