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Ruth Doylethe tardis

I was trying to build a stained glass tardis (Doctor Who’s space ship) for my son. I got overwhelmed and did not finish it. It is the first time building anything in years. My goal is to finish the Tardis and get back to working with stained glass. 14 months ago

piperlondonSo now

I have a work space, and I have been doing a lot more of it. Stained Glass really does make me very happy, I have a lot of fun. I could use better ventilation as the craft room just has a window, but this is a def. improvement from having everything just packed away in boxes. 4 years ago

piperlondonI love stained glass

but i never find time, or make time. I’m going to commit to working on it at least an hour a week, because it makes me happy. getting a work space together will be another challenge! 6 years ago

zalareynbig work

The husband and I have come up with a workspace solution for my stained glass. I’ll be moving my stuff out to the garage and building a large table to work on. I have a stained glass door, a sidelight window, and a small lamp I’ll be buiding next.. I need workspace desperately. 6 years ago


I haven’t done any stained glass work since Mother’s Day.. I’ve got four or five projects in need of completion, or yet to be started. I just haven’t managed to work up the motivation yet to work on them. Partly because I don’t have any good workspace, partly because my workspace has to be thoroughly cleaned up after every use (being that it’s my kitchen countertop!) 6 years ago


This is a section of a stained glass piece I did in 2005. It was 16”x34” with over 100 pieces and took over 100 hours of concentration and devotion. 8 years ago


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