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Today I did 61 consecutive push ups, the most I’ve done thus far since starting this goal. When I first start I could only do 20-30 at a time, so HUGE improvement. Also my shoulders and biceps are getting a little more defined from curls and shoulder presses/raises. Need to start focusing on stomach a bit.

All things considered I’m very happy with my progress for this goal. I don’t think I’ve missed a day of push ups since I started. Current daily number of push ups: ~100-125. 20 hours ago


Haven’t updated in a few days, wanted to give myself a little slack. Have been doing 33+1×3 push ups each day for at least 100 a day (have usually been a set more). Also went out and bought a 20lb dumbbell for arm/shoulder exercises. Will keep doing what I’m doing, starting to notice a difference in my chest. 3 weeks ago


Have already done 33×2 push ups today, along with some curls and shoulder flys. Will try to do 33×2 before bed. 3 weeks ago


Did 34 push ups when I woke, some curls and shoulder flys. Was an idiot last night and didn’t do the 30 before bed. Will make it up throughout the day.

Going to start doing 33×2 and 34×1 to get an even 100 out of 3 sets. Planning on adding a few more to the routine throughout the week. Would be really nice to get to 50 push ups a set. 3 weeks ago


Did 30 when I woke up, as well as 30 just now. Will do another 30 jsut before bed. 3 weeks ago

CharlesW893/22 End of Day

Between the initial set of 30 when I woke up and now, I’ve done another 30×4, totaling 150 push ups for the day. Will do another 30 just before I go to bed, totaling 180 for the day. 4 weeks ago


Woke up and did 30. Stretched for a few minutes. Very relaxing. 4 weeks ago

CharlesW893/21/14 - 2

Did another 60 (30×2) push ups between this morning’s set and now. About to go to bed shortly. Will do another 30 then. 4 weeks ago


Woke up and did 30 push ups, 30 dumbbell curls and 15 shoulder flys. 4 weeks ago

CharlesW89Current routine

Would like to be a little more active. Currently doing push ups throughout the day (when I wake, get home from work, etc) and taking walks in the evenings. Would like to join a gym and get into a smooth routine sometime soon. 4 weeks ago

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