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be more organized

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zdechlinkaTask list:

  • Take my personal organizer with me everywhere I go!!!! (and actually use it)
  • Create a morning routine
  • Start keeping budget again

(To be updated later) 4 weeks ago

rubyfoxxSmall steps

I’d like to:
- keep tracking my finances (this is an ongoing task);
- organize my wardrobe (in progress);
- keep my shoes/ boots organized each day;
- reorganize the books on shelves (not urgent, but it would be nice);
- organize the stationery so that we can actually find things when we need them :-) 2 months ago

AmberIn Progress...

I’ve been organizing our home for 5 weeks. The kitchen is closest to being finished. 6 months ago

BerobiUse the damn calendar

In order to take responsibility for your time, start keeping track of what will take it up. A lot of these goals are intertwined : ) 7 months ago

K Taborathe start

almost all of the garage is done! Only one small section remains. Without mercy I have discarded trash, selected items to sell, giveaway to friends and donate! This weekend I hope to post the sell-ables and get them out out out! 12 months ago

Nell09Organization class

I did this by taking a class at alejandra.tv

I watched a few of her YouTube videos and was hooked. The class really helped me, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before! 12 months ago


My hubby organized my paperwork for me last weekend. 13 months ago


Clean & room then buy planner 13 months ago


Keep track of everything you buy and write it in diary. 15 months ago


Clean your room and clean out closet 15 months ago

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