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kmarClasses bought

Now I need to sign up and go! I’m a bit hesitant to do this in the summer, so am planning to do this come fall. 2 years ago


21st birthday today, and I tried hot yoga. At some points it was extremely difficult to keep zen, mostly because of the vomitting feeling, but I feel fantastic!

On a regular day I can do traditional yoga non-stop for 45 minutes, but this was for 90! DOUBLE!

I HIGHLY recommend Hot Yoga, as it will make you feel SO good about yourself.

=) 3 years ago

brighteyes82Try it!

I was a bit worried about trying it because I often get dehydrated. I didn’t want to faint or get too dizzy! But it was really quite relaxing and soothing. We stopped fairly often to drink water. Hopefully this will turn into a weekly thing. I’d definitely recommend trying it! 5 years ago


York dale club 6 years ago

incendioso worth it

You feel like a million bucks afterwards. :) 7 years ago


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