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think of things to eat for healthy and interesting lunches

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1RLDiscover what you love. For this you are truly known.

I really like bread and soup but I haven’t the cooking education to know how to make my favorite meals.

Thankfully, after many years and an active effort to take care of others, I now have a loving friend who makes the best soup this world has ever raised a spoon to.

Goal complete. 15 months ago

XenophanesI am going to have to give this goal some more attention.

I am being rubbish at this. Why is lunch such a boring meal? 7 years ago

XenophanesNeed a strategy for this one...

Problem is, I hate cheese, mayonnaise, tuna, and butter/margerine. This is making it difficult to make interesting lunch while keeping it fairly healthy.

Gonna have to think about this. 8 years ago


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