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sleepyxzzzzinteresting marathon article


i probably cant do this but i can dream about it right? 3 years ago


I just completed my second marathon. The full marathon is substantially harder than the half marathon. The 30km mark is a serious challenge. Try not to hit the wall. 4 years ago


I think it would be a great way to stay in shape.. 4 years ago


I’ve always wanted to push myself to the limit and I think a marathon is about as far as I could push myself, physically. I can’t wait to do it. 4 years ago

ApacheSpeegsCopmlete a Marathon

I ran a 1/2 on no-notice while deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. I now have the urge to complete a whole one, with some training this time. I’m looking at doing with Marine Corps Marathon or NYC Marathon. 5 years ago

Star_ShadowComplete a marathon.

I’d love to have done this! I’m under no illusion that this will take a lot of hard work and effort, even though I have no intention of running! I’ve just looked online, and found that where I live they hold a walking marathon that only costs £20 to enter, and will be held on May 4th 2009. The last date for entry is the 17th April 2009, so I’ve got until then to decide if I’m fit enough to do this this year, or if I should aim for the year after instead. 5 years ago

PrimevereParis, 5 hours 00 minutes and 36 seconds

As I was 25, I decided to run a marathon by 30. I started with a 5K, then a few 10k, then a first half-marathon, another one, and after the fifth, it was time to run the marathon.
This was a great day, and even though my legs hurt in a way I had never experienced and it took 3 weeks to recover, well, I’m glad I did it.
It’s one of the key things I’m proud of in this life. 5 years ago


I have officially started training…I am on my 5th day…and I am so glad today is a rest day, because I can barely move! 5 years ago


Start training for the Baton Rouge marathon tomorrow…yay!! I figure this will keep me on track with studying for the CPA exam! 5 years ago

threedeeI did it :-)

I managed to complete a full marathon and I am very happy I did it! Next time I want to really RUN the marathon from start to finish without walking a single step. 5 years ago

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