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have my own darkroom

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LenesiNeed a subject

All the equipment for b&w photography is in the loft, I just wonder with digital nowadays whether this will be something i’ll get round to? 2 years ago

sscad27have my own darkroom

I want to build my own darkroom and use it as a studio space for teaching others about traditional photography. 3 years ago

Hanna!I give up! -- Thanks for the 37 cheers!

While moving to my new apartment, I gave away all my darkroom equipment as we don’t have any dark rooms in this apartment, and I don’t see when I ever will have time to do anything anyway. I’m really into digital photographing right now, so I’m leaving this goal behind. 5 years ago


b n w…
i still develope my own black and white negs. and then just scan them into the computer. but i want cazy enlargers… to play with and make giant monster prints.
x 5 years ago


It would really depend on how badly I wanted it, how soon I got a better film camera, and whether or not photography is a hobby or a side business for me. 5 years ago


Probably won’t happen until I have a house, but still need to evaluate all that’s needed, the costs etc. That would be SO sweet :) 5 years ago

findingsekhmetOH DEAR!!!!!!!

I am turning digital, shame on me…. 6 years ago

phlyersphanNew to darkroom and loving it!

I started getting into photography more seriously in early 2007 (Canon Digital Rebel XTi). Now I’m taking a 35mm film photography class at the local college. It includes a darkroom component (black and white photography), and I’m in love! I’d like to set up a home darkroom this year.

Good luck, everybody! :) 6 years ago


I’ve worked in a darkroom before but it would be cool to turn part of my bathroom into one. of course if i did this then my bathroom would smell like chemicals and then my mother would kill me. 6 years ago


I’ve switched to digital photography. 6 years ago

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