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Allyssa BurgettObservation

This is going to be an odd thing to conclusively “do”. My dad IS proud of me, as far as it goes. Unlike everyone else (literally, everyone older than me) on my mother’s side of the family, I have not been to jail, I do not have illegal habits or small children, and I’m not leeching off the government because I don’t have the will to get off my ass and work.

But I still feel like I want to make him proud. I want to put everything I can towards doing one thing that will make him say he’s proud of me. I’m just not sure what that is quite yet. 2 years ago

BrookeMake my dad proud

I want to make my dad see that I can lose weight and be his skinny little girl again because I know that when he looks at me now all he can see is how fat I’ve gotten and it only makes me hate myself more. By february 10th I want to have lost at least 25 pounds. My ideal goal would be to lose around 35 pounds, but either way I just want him to know that I am trying. 3 years ago


I want to see the pride in his eyes 3 years ago

Daniel85053I dont know

I dont know how to make my dad proud. He always thinks i cant do anything or Im to childish. When ever i do something that makes me feel proud it doesnt seem like he cares. Does anyone know how I can make my dad proud. 4 years ago

littlewing31Miss you every single day

You left too soon. 6 years ago


Me and my dad have always had a difficult realtionship, ever since i was little, i think I have dissapointed him a lil and that makes him unhappy, i have acted selfishly and being stupid a little in taking choices , he is hard on me sometimes and sometimes i dont deserve it and sometimes it makes me very unhappy knowing that i make him unhappy, but this year is going to be different, I thought to myself, i have the power to make him happy and make myself happy, he is right on a lot of things I just dont listen, i can make things better and make him proud, coz i love him sooo much, it makes things easier in the house and our relationship is better, I’m going to get into uni and get a job and make him sooo proud,Today was the starting point, I got a pass in my Maths Excams and he picked me up and twirled me across the room, he was smiling and it made me sooooo happy, I love him and this year is going to be great for us. xx 6 years ago


for me its kinda hard to mkae my dad proud…. i get the best grades from all my brothers, i do all this community help, i join sports, clubs, ect and accomplish mayn goals yet he never seems proud of me… it almost seems that he is most proud of my youger brother than me just bcause he is more like him…. im just happy that i have a greeat mother that loves me a lot and is proud of me for everything i do=) 6 years ago

iloveducksThere's Nothing Like...

Seeing that big happy smile on your dad’s face when you actually do something right lol look at my pic that is definetly not my dad haha 6 years ago

crastei worship him . . .

. . . his my dad, what more can i say???
he’s sweet, gentle, loving, caring, noble, honest, generous and he really puts up with me . . . he’s every girl’s dream guy . . . i swear if anything happen to him i wwould die . . . so i pray everyday that god look out for him, and bring him home safe . . . 6 years ago

mstrlockeMichael W. Locke (1949-1998)

My dad passed away a couple of weeks after I graduated from college. I view my life (and I think my brothers and sister feel the same way) as his legacy, and try to carry on some of the things that were important to him.

I love you, Dad. 7 years ago

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