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Jay_singhI really Want to learn Politcs For better life and Great personality!!!

We must learn some politics, because now the world has changed, people has changed and become more clever than before. To live in a Society i think we all Must learn some politics. With that we can battle for our Rights and will help to not shay, to believe in ourselves.. This my thinking.. 3 years ago

HasanjithMY GOAL

Politics is something that i really wanna know in the correct way, 4 years ago

hussainahmedi love to learn about politics

i really love politics 5 years ago

LEE0897dont know

Im intrested In Leaning all about what politics run our world and what diffrent terms and words mean 5 years ago

want2knowpoliticsI'm trying to find out more about the history of state reps.

Can any one tell me why there are a large list of people as a state rep.? but I thought there were only 2 per state. 5 years ago

Jacque Denise YapUntitled

well I’m getting interest in politics then since I’ve heard many issues that affecting Americans and since U.S election is fast approaching then I’ve heard a lot of issues just like the housing market crisis, well it is a major issue in the upcoming US Presidential Election and has a significant impact for all Americans where Obama and McCain talk about in http://pollclash.com .just like soaring oil prices are affecting the costs of everything from food to gas and even houses rental. There are also significant issues on local and global environmental impact. While there are many issues, we need to look at our next leader and determine which will have the best course of action going forward. Both candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama are attempting to address the issue and differentiate their positions from one another. And I think that everyone is missing the point of this. We need a new resource. We need a solution to this problem not another way around it… 5 years ago


i would love to learn about politics to really go some where in life 5 years ago


I would recommend several things. You can borrow a book from the library such as “Politics for Dummies” or go to ebay and buy a “political science 101” textbook that’s five or ten years old and will be very inexpensive.

Check out a good newspaper every day if possible such as the New York Times along with a good news magazine such as U.S. News and World Report (they are both available for free online). Many people think the Times leans a little to the left and U.S. News leans a bit to the right, so they will balance each other out (don’t worry if terms like left and right don’t make sense to you now – they will soon).

Finally, check out www.UnderstandingPolitics.org. It produces a two-minute program every weekday to help educate people like you about politics, and it’s completely independent and nonpartisan. Full disclosure here – I’m the executive director of the organization, but I think it will really benefit you.

Best of luck. 5 years ago


Learning about how politics work is learning how the world moves. It totally brings a new understanding to the events that occur around you. 5 years ago

larablueIowa caucus today!

DH and I got some beer and we’re gonna sit around and have a party after C goes to bed.

He taught C to say “Yay Huckabee!” Lol…. 6 years ago

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