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find my biological grandfather

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Jwirank0142Apple Repair Miami

http://fixapplenow.com/repairs/apple-repair-miami-office.html 3 weeks ago

lchurch60I'm Looking for my Biological Grandfather

I’m on the search for my biological grandfather. I’m 17 years of age, and I would really like to meet him. If you know of any websites that will provide me with his information, please inform me on them.

Thank You 7 months ago


i am lookin for my mothers biological family,her parents sisters,brothers,and etc. my mother has passed away and do not know much about them. Her fathers name i believe was Delbert Felter from Ripley West Virginia her mothers name was Zena not quite sure what her last names have been.i believe it was zena murphy. need to know they if they are deceased my grand parents. My mothers name is pamela sue Johnson her married name. Her adopted name was Boyce, 13 months ago

sviolaLawrence Royce Wright

looking to find lawrence royce wright. should be in his 80’s or 90’s. don’t really care about him since he sounds like a donkey’s ass, but it’s for my dad. 13 months ago

timzilla93i am looking for my biological grandfather

i have no clue who he is. neither does my father. my grandmother went to washington d.c. on a buisness trip and came back pregnat with my father. if anyone knows a connie harp from about 43 years ago. this is your grandson looking for u 16 months ago

tidyonesMy Father's Biological Father

I am my father’s youngest daughter. He is my maternal grandmother’s oldest son. He was adopted by my step grandfather Clyde Lowery Sr. and was given his last name. Subsequently my last name for he and my mother were married which makes searches via online engines very unsucessful. 2 years ago

Sabrina JosephsonIf I only knew his name...

I will find him one day somehow!!! 2 years ago

ChloeBatemanI want to find my grandad!

I never knew who my grandad was, and i now want to find him. All i know of is his name! I hope this site helps me! 2 years ago

akhysta andersoni am looking for my grandfrather

ok i am looking for my grandfrather i never got to know him or see 2 years ago

Ayeisha Dabellgetting closer :)

ok so i havent found out much but at leat i now know his name its Alan Cruickshank.So im getting closer (not really) 2 years ago

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