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A Well-Read Dog HeadDouble coupon

If you’re going to be shopping for something, check online for a coupon. It doesn’t matter what it is, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get a paper coupon or a code that will get you a discount. If you’re going to Target or another large retailer, check the retailer’s website for a retailer-specific coupon. Most big-box stores will let you use a retailer coupon along with a manufacturer’s coupon. 2 years ago

KittyBeeSushi10 ways...

...in cmnts. 2 years ago

gilloulalal14) Mobile phone

don’t speak too much on the mobile phone
1 minute is often enough. 3 years ago

gilloulalal13) avoid 13

13 is bad luck
So if you have to spend money wait the 14 3 years ago

gilloulalal12) buy fuel yesterday

Today it is too late to buy cheap fuel
(Today the prices are increasing a lot) 3 years ago

gilloulalal11) Matches

A small box of matches is less expensive than a lighter:
If your smoking friend has forgotten his lighter, it is less expensive to give him a small box of matches than to lend him a lighter that you will never see again.

The box of matches live is smaller than a lighter but it is not a problem: smoking is not good for the health. 3 years ago

gilloulalal10) DIY

DIY (Do it yourself)is cheap 3 years ago

gilloulalal9) avoid pachyderm fruits

If the skin of a fruit is thick there is less to eat inside 3 years ago

gilloulalal8) save Ink

The color ink for the printer is expensive.
A basic monochrome laser printer costs less and is more reliable than a color printer. 3 years ago

gilloulalal6) 7 )Linux

6) With Linux it is not necessary to buy softwares.

7) Linux is fast even with an old computer. I don’t need to change it so often. 3 years ago

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