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learn yoga

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this is a constant process. it will take me my whole life 1 month ago


Learn yoga 5 months ago

DinaDA good book about yoga for beginners.

I am reading now a very good book “Yoga cures, simple routines to conquer more than 50 common ailments and live pain-free. ” by Tara Stiles. Just what I needed as a beginner. 5 months ago

goodmateLearning kriya yoga

Learnt kriya yoga from isha yoga. But unable to practice regularly. 5 months ago


Take a yoga class so I can learn yoga and be able to practice it on my own to help with relaxation. 6 months ago


take yoga in the spring semester 6 months ago

amandacatherineWent to a class!

My friend and I went to a yoga class last week and I liked it a lot! 7 months ago

barefeetandsandYoga is starting a journey

Yoga is more than a few poses, it’s looking into yourself and focusing internally. My yoga journey started a few years ago, although I was not flexible and it seemed, weird, it started something inside me. A peace I never had. When I was done with my very first practice all I felt was joy. I laughed about things that would normally bother me, I looked more intensely at the ground and my feet. This was the most beautiful journey I’ve ever started – go for it. 7 months ago

Shelly ChanI like it.

I took few yoga classes before, i really like it. It helps a lot. I should keep doing it. 10 months ago

Mikey WolfUntitled

cool 10 months ago

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