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johnestI have made a little progress

with lots of encouragement from Avittorio on this goal. I take at least one of my harps w/ me everywhere I go now and I blow thru it as often as is permissible. Avitorrio sent me some great youtube links to beginner’s lessons that I started practicing this morning, I can’t wait to go home and practice more! 18 months ago

Peggy HillTime Off

I am taking some time off from harmonica lessons due to my increased hours at work in the fall. I hope to resume them in January. I still practice occasionally and believe that I am no longer a beginner, which is awesome. 19 months ago

johnestMy (under-used) harps

A pic 20 months ago

JimHenriksonLearning to play the M.Hohner Chrometta harmonica

I would like to learn to play the harmonica in the next six to ten months and feel like I have accomplished something to better myself. To be good enough so I can play several tunes and feel like it comes naturally to me. 21 months ago

johnestHad an idea

Once I get a few lessons I thought it would be cool to practice while riding my bike with one of those Bob Dylan-style harmonica neck harnesses; train sounds would be a great place to start, I think. 21 months ago

PinkAmaryllisOk no progress on the harmonica but...

I did manage a six week course on the ukelele which was lots of fun! 21 months ago

DoctorTeethStevie Wonder

I just listened to some Stevie Wonder and was reminded of another reason the harmonica is cool. So then I did a few more exercises, just because of the serendipity. 21 months ago

DoctorTeethRetreat: Harmonica

I re-started my harmonica training a couple of weeks ago but I figured my retreat might be a good way to focus on it. I have a lot of instruments at my house, none of which I can play, so I’m starting with the easiest one and working my way up.

I have a combination CD, book, and harmonica that I got for Christmas YEARS ago and held on to because I always thought playing the harmonica was cool, because when my 99-year-old Granny had dementia she could still play the harmonica. So I’m going through the book and cd, and to be frank it’s a little below my level in terms of chords and time signatures, but I figure I should approach this like a completely new instrument and not a version of something else. Cheesy maybe, but hopefully it’ll work.

Seven chapters in so far and I’m noticing that I need to practice my accuracy on individual notes as well as hopping around all over to get chords. But there’s more practice in the future, I guess, so it’s going to come? And I don’t have to quit because I’m not perfect at it the first time?

myyearoffailure21 months ago


Already have one, so I just have to start learning :) Maybe I will be able to accompany Bob Dylan when I hear one of his songs on the radio one day. 21 months ago


I’ve always loved the rustic sound of the Harmonica. So I guess this goal is rather self explainitory… 22 months ago

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