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grow old with my soul mate

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It is on the top of my Bucket List lol 5 years ago

TaffaRoyalholy shinanigans!

well, ive been talking to this wonderful girl/lady/woman but. Don’t know how to go with it. Like do I try my best to stay together or do I let God do his thing/magic/freewill,(maybe not freewill)/ just let it be….. 6 years ago

bruinbabe12Grow old and marry my soul mate

Sometimes I think I already met him, and let him get away. Does anyone believe that they met their true soul mate and for whatever reason he or she is not in your life anymore? Possible timing issues, or not seeing signs? 6 years ago


hya xxxxxx 6 years ago

curtis28long term relationship

i love to meet my soul mate to spend my life with with. 7 years ago

joyjoeino soulmate

give up until i meet him.. 8 years ago

joyjoeii have learned that

there are various kinds of soul mates. Friends, your ex, your siblings can be your soul mate. It depends how much you feels “clicked” to that person..

For me, soul mates are ones who I can share everything, anything, one that I will think of when I need a comfort or when I want to share my happy moment with.. One that I feel “damn, he/she should be here with me, so we can share this moment together.”..

thinking this way, i won’t strike too hard for only that guy - which i don’t know who that guy is - to be my soul mate.. i have my sister and my best friend to be my soul mate who i can share anything with… 8 years ago

joyjoeigoing to go old alone..

after his disappear, i come back to think again about commitment and giving love to someone who really care for it..

Love is not that bad but i really don’t want it now… 8 years ago

joyjoeihe is

sick and on bed right now, having flu and sore back. too bad that we are so far away.. i should have been there taking care of him… miss him so much… 8 years ago

joyjoeiwhere is my boy??

who gonna be my soul mate??? 8 years ago


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