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CitrusOneThank you notes: 2

Remembered a few more I needed to add (people who introduced me to interviewees). Now at 15 to go (specifically thesis-related thank yous). 7 months ago

CitrusOneThank you notes: 1

23 to go! 7 months ago

yogamom07Thank you notes

I sent thank you notes to a few people who sent me things during my hospital stay. 17 months ago

LucidNixieMostly done.

I wrote them all and brought them to the post, but somehow two of them fell out of the pile and got lost. I’ll probably find them in my car. I’m not going to re-write them because I can’t remember who I’ve already sent cards to…oh well. Done! 2 years ago

ComicalRutone down so far

It seems that sometimes the smallest tasks often the hardest to complete. 2 years ago

JaneDelightFinished them yesterday...

...and sent them off. Have already received 16 replies, most of which contain either a form of “I like you too” or a “I’m so happy you wrote” message. A friend I haven’t spoken to in years wrote close to a whole novel, which is also pretty fab. So yeah, taking the time to thank people, telling them how glad you are they are in your life and getting back in touch with old ones is pretty worthwhile :) 3 years ago


17 out of 39 done! 22 to go… tomorrow (or latest the day after) I’ll finish the rest =) 3 years ago

JaneDelightfor the last year

Christmas spirit still around, I wanted to tell the people I met this year how valuable my encounter with them has been for me, to let old friends know I’d like to have increased contact with them in the future and generally thank people who’ve helped me in various situations in the past year. Distance and time and money being a factor, facebook will aid me :D 3 years ago

vzucco87The Plan

Since it has been about 5 months since my wedding, I’m thinking it would be really redonkulous to send out thank you notes now. So I think I’m just going to combine Christmas cards with thank you notes. Maybe get some printed with our picture on it like a cheesy family with reindeer sweaters. Yeah! Procrastination! 3 years ago

mingleliuThank you my panda

Thank you my panda,you give me so much happy,you let me knew what love is,you let me share all of your,so thank you so much! 3 years ago

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