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This summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

UniqueSoulThe beauty of the ocean.

I have always had a love of the ocean. Learning to SCUBA dive would just bring the beauty of the ocean right in front of my eyes. Plus I can just imagine the amazing pictures I could get if I learn underwater photography :) 5 years ago

melusine71I'm a kick ass snorkeler (?)

How hard can it be? My sister, Dad and stepmom all scuba. I will begin with finding a dive shop. 5 years ago

LonaThe best times!

I lived in the FL Keys for several years and learned to dive there. The USS Vandenburg will be sunk there eventually and I want to return just to dive this wreck.

Learning to dive was a pure leap of faith for me. Sure, I was taught every part of the equipment before putting it on and trained in the pool. But the first time I was all geared up and told to take that giant stride off the boat… scariest moment of my life! I’m glad I didn’t freeze up because that moment has been followed by some of the most amazing moments of my life.

I recommend it for everyone. Just know that it’s easy to get in the water… not so easy to get yourself and all that gear back onto the boat or back to the beach. 6 years ago

PecinpahI miss the ocean...

I learned to scuba dive in Guam back in the early ‘90s. I was in the Navy and stationed on an island, so it was more of a need than a choice. I scuba dived all over the island; in caves, sunken ships, off sea-cliffs and straight off the beach. I loved it more than anything.

Last year I had a job servicing tide gauges along the eastern seaboard. I had to scuba dive to get at the submerged portion of the gauges. These gauges were attached to piers, channel markers and docks, and were quite often difficult to reach and impossible to see because of the typically low visibility of the water down here. I did a lot of diving by touch, which is not the funnest.

The last dive I did for this job was at the Navy pier near Cocoa Beach, Florida. There was a nuclear sub docked there just then, so the security guys were watching me like hawks. I was tinkering with the gauge in about twelve feet of water, perfect visibility, cool water gliding gently over me, sheepshead fish nibbling gently at the detritus falling from the gauge as I worked, when all of a sudden a felt something big pulling on my tank. I looked up and there was a manatee trying to eat my air line. I rubbed its belly and it swam off.

I need to dive more. 6 years ago


Must go capture lobsters and explore dark caves … oh and when I take my wetsuit off, I must be wearing a tuxedo, so I can attend an overly extravagant ball and then make snide remarks to Goldfinger at which point he will become increasingly suspicious and decide to do away with me by sending his most deadly and sexy pilot / assassin / tax consultant after me. 6 years ago

JesseCreepy monsters of the deep

I’ve always been a little creeped out at the thought of the unending darkness surrounding you when you SCUBA (at least in the Puget Sound up here in Washington) and the equally unending list of weird, ugly creatures that live in that darness, but I think it could also be an exciting experience. 6 years ago


I also met my current boyfriend on that trip…I didn’t think it would become as serious as it has due to him being Irish and being a ‘summer fling’. He was my diving instructor…the things you can get up to underwater really does astound :) 6 years ago


I have my scuba Cert. I did 7 dives on the great barrier reef for my training! Awesome experience. If you are thinking of doing this, book it with these guys: http://www.reeftrip.com/ They are friendly and professional. There’s opportunities to do night dives and early morning dives (up to 6 dives a day!). 6 years ago


I’ve been looking at places near my house to learn, as far as scuba lessons/schools type of places. I think I found a place, now I just have to make sure it works schedule wise, and then I’ll be on my way to being scuba-certified!!! 6 years ago

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