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I’m trying to learn to play volleyball better so I can practice with my brother (he’s on varsity HS team) and actually be competition, lol. 7 years ago


It takes time to be better at anything but volleyball is so much fun! I take my anger out when I spike that ball lol. 7 years ago

JayHow it starts

I played a ton of volleyball last summer, and while I was never the best I was almost never the worse(everyone has a few bad days) and I always had a good time. This summer I’ve just started playing again, with today being the 3rd or 4th time or so. Out of 9 people, I was the absolute worst. I kept brushing the ball with just the tips of my fingers, or just standing there as it dropped within my reach.

I don’t feel bad about being the worst of the group I play with – they’re all athletes or athletic. I feel bad about just plain sucking. I know I’m going to end up dragging whichever team I’m on down for a few more games, but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying.

I’ve got some specific goals in mind:
1) Be able to place my serves. 5 minutes practicing before the rest of the group got there one day improved this. If I keep it up, I know I can get consistent.

2) Always get 2 hands on the ball. I’ve pulled off some crazy saves with just one hand, but there have been just as many times when the ball’s gone flying off in a random direction. I’d rather have consistency.

3) Start moving, even if I’m not sure I need to. There have been so many times when I think one of my teammates has it, or that it’s definitely going over the net(or visa-versa from their side), or that it’s going out. I’ll either stand there or take only a single step, and then when it’s too late realize I was wrong. I’ve got to get in motion.

4) Learn to hit backwards. Half of my “it-couldn’t-have-been-better-setup-how-did-you-fuck-that-up” moments today were me trying to hit the ball backwards over the net. I either only brushed it with my fingertips or sent it straight into the net. I’ve got to make this work. 7 years ago


PVL is starting soon, I hope to get better.

Here’s a picture back in High School (I’m number 6). I don’t have pictures of me playing for the University, but it’s okay. I hope I can play for UIC next year. D1 volleyball is money.

Our PVL team won 1st last year—pictures are posted on the gallery, but I hope we stick together and take Div A down. We’re not playing A unless we find another top hitter on our team. Let’s pray for that! 8 years ago


i have learned alot these past summers. But there is always more i can do. My height stops me from spiking…but i want to be able to throw it down anyways. my bumps are decent and my sets good. But i want to be better. im too aggressive not to be. :D 8 years ago


Well, I consider myself a fairly decent volleyball player, at least at one point. While I was coaching the girls at Grand Ledge and Lansing Catholic High Schools back in Michigan I was able to do a little of the drills with them at times more for show. This of course helped keep me on top of my game. Of course MY coach, Jodi Schaeffer, taught me so much while I worked under her, and of course playing on a team with her. Since coming to Connecticut, I haven’t really had a coach to work with me or teams to play on. My skills have really fallen and I need to get them back. I’m working on it…............ 9 years ago


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