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Endrina6/50 favourite memories - Easter egg hunts

As a child, my parents would wrap small parcels with chocolate etc and hide them in the garden. My brother and I would get each our strip of the paper our parcels were wrapped in, and then go hunting for our Easter yummies. We had a massive garden, and our hunt could take hours. One year I didn’t find my last parcel – and my Dad couldn’t remember where he had hid it. We never did find it… 1 day ago

rosewilderI decided to kill two birds with one stone,

and use this goal to ease into writing this weekend. I didn’t set out to write about favorite memories, actually, just to get down on paper as many memories of my childhood as I could. I figure that is a good exercise for a person who wants to write children’s novels.

It felt somewhat uncomfortable to write about even what I consider pleasant childhood memories. I am still, apparently, carrying some residual shame. So I spent some time writing about that and how to best counter it, (answer: self-compassion) which was incredibly useful. It’s important to remember that as far as I’ve come, there is still more work to be done in being kind to myself.

And now I’m thinking a lot about memories in general. My memory has never been very good, with the exception of learning things for school. I tend to forget a lot of things, events that happened and people. It’s nothing that makes my life unmanageable, but I know others have a better memory. Also, some of my memories are suspect, (As are many people’s, I’m sure), due to family storytelling or viewing mementos of events that slightly alters the actual memory, etc.

Anyway, I am going to continue gathering all kinds of memories, from childhood to the present, and then choose a few favorites to expand upon here. 3 days ago

Endrina5/50 favourite memories - picnic on the beach

My parents, my partner and I spent a week together in Turkey during Easter 2010. One morning we brought our breakfast, picnic blanket and books down to the beach. We spent hours there, eating and reading. Such a lovely morning! 1 week ago

oldfatguyWhat a great idea!

Just saw this goal and adopted it myself. Should be easy to do though it might take a little time. Can’t do it until after the semester is over, but it will be near the top of the list then! 1 week ago

Endrina4/50 favourite memories - the missing pizza

When my partner and I attended the Rebellion festival in 2009, we bought a pizza and brought it down to the ocean to enjoy our food. I had taken some bites out of a slice, put it down and looked away for a second…and it was gone. I asked my partnet where my pizza was, and he started to look around us, as if someone/thing had taken it. He looked really puzzled. Then he realized he had eaten it, and I laughed so hard. I still do whenever I think about it:) 1 week ago

Endrina3/50 favourite memories - the Slackers

My partner and I attended the Rebellion festival in 2010, where we got to see the Slackers play (again). Despite parts of the band missing due to delays, the gig was AMAZING. I remember being so…completely in the music, feeling every tone, the floor swaying from the audience dancing. Perfect. 2 weeks ago

Endrina2/50 favourite memories - Midsummer night bon fire

I was 8 or 9 years old, and my parents brought my brother and me down to the river to celebrate Midsummer night. There were lots of other people there, food, and a large bonfire. The sun was shining, and my brother and I had such a fun time playing with the other kids. 2 weeks ago

Endrina1/50 favourite memories - napping with my baby and kitty

Napping on the couch with my then 3 month old baby wrapped up in my dressing gown with me, and our kitty Vlad napping on my legs. I remember feeling so relaxed and happy. 2 weeks ago

agathielMemory 1

I was 5 or 6 years old. I was sitting on a bench in a garden with my mom. She was reading me a book about small leprechaun and his adventures and, suddenly, she said to me: “I want you to remember this moment when you are adult”. So I looked around and tried as hard as only children can do and as you can see I do remember and cherish this fairy tale moment. :) You may wonder why she said this. I think that sometimes some childhood memories vanish and she tried to make me remember something really nice. :) 4 months ago

of_journeysHigh School

High school was a rough period for me because my family was so poor I had to deal with that. But I had a lot of great friends and I was voted best sense of humor and class clown. 4 months ago

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