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Yh and it was fun n all n i doh mind the taste but if ya think about it its not exactly amzing or worth it there are MUCH better things in life dont waste your time on this :) 4 years ago


I have SO done this… ugh… I’ve had too many cheap vodka martinis… but I do like Grey Goose a lot…

Cheap vodka should only be used for one thing, and that’s jello shots. 5 years ago

suicidalheadphoneSo sick

On my 21 birthday, I was giving a cup 1/3 full of vodka. I drank it all down at once. I felt horrible. My friends who had told me to do it had a good laugh. 6 years ago

schaut_theoryAt Long Last!

I basically had three shots worth. The first by itself and warm (whoops!) and the other two with some syrupy mix and ice. The mix helped. I enjoyed the burning sensation and felt a numbness in my neck as well. I seemed to develop a very slight headache. I would have drunk more, but I have to go to work early this morning! 7 years ago


Well, tomorrow is my 21st Birthday so it will finally be legal. ;) 7 years ago

EmilyI'm wishy-washy, but I guess it's worth it.

It tastes horrid, but it’s good in mixed drinks. At least the few I’ve had.

If you want to know more about how the stuff is made, and what the difference in quality is, there’s an interesting article at Slate.

Oh, and for the love of God, don’t put it in a martini. Or if you do, don’t call it a martini; it isn’t. 7 years ago


Disgusting neat, but oh so nice in cocktails and punch.

I’m not too keen on vodka jelly.

Vodka jelly babies, on the other hand, taste quite nice.

And due to their extreme stickyness, they probably will be on the other hand. Literally. 7 years ago


Strong & warm & can get me drunk very easily it’s not everbody cup of tea but i guess it’s worth trying. 7 years ago

Chelsea SteedUntitled

At least it wasn’t worth it taking it in jello shots. The red ones tasted like robitussin. The blue ones were alright though. 7 years ago

cranberrygoddesstastes like...

vodka. I think. 7 years ago


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