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xmyheartBack in the Day

This is back when you were 9. What a sweet age that was. Your mommy wanted to make you so happy, we got a magician and threw you the best birthday party that I could make happen for you. I love you my sweet boy. I never stop loving you. 4 months ago

naughtyminx78This will always be a goal I want to focus clearly on...

...both in having collective family time but also in giving each child one to one time where they have my full attention. 6 months ago

xmyheartDear Son

You are my sunshine, you are my life.
We have been through a lot you and I.
You know that I love you.
But I’m still going to remind you.
That no matter where we go,
what we do,
or who we are…
You are my sunshine, you are my life! 7 months ago

RuHives without honey

I’ve been intending to write up a long kid catch-up here – birthdays and holidays and changes and various goalposts, though there’s always so much about them wrapped in my daily happiness entries. I’ll try to get around to that soon, in the meantime:

Last night, about an hour after eating a pecan brownie he’d chosen at the bakery as a special treat, Isak complained about being itchy. I noticed some welts around his mouth, then realized he had red patches around his face and neck. I checked him out and found bright red blotches across his chest, back, arms, and thighs.

After making sure he had no trouble breathing and his tongue looked okay, I called the nurseline. They had me call 911, who in turn suggested they send someone over (as opposed to bundling up both kids and trudging through the snow to the nearest hospital). Unable to contact M, who was on his way home from work, I agreed to waiting for ambulance triage and potential transport. Because we weren’t top priority (unless his breathing suddenly got bad) it took about half an hour.

Isak was shy and anxious about the ambulance attendants and hid when they arrived, which didn’t help matters. He really didn’t want to be checked out, but grudgingly relented – fortunately M got home around then. They said we should definitely go to emergency (even just to try to determine what the reaction was from), so we drove over. M dropped Isak and I off and took Iris home. Thankfully it was fairly slow and quiet when got there. We checked in and waited and waited and waited… books and iPad monopoly made it easier. He was quite tickled by the grown-up sized blue gown, which was like a giant dress on him, and seemed in good spirits.

The doctor we finally saw was young and friendly (and made a deadpan head transplant joke that made Isak a bit nervous, but he got over it quickly) and after a thorough check and info gathering said it was a bad attack of hives and we really couldn’t be certain what caused it – perhaps food, but just as likely something else – even his recent sickness, a bug bite, stress, detergent, etc.

The good thing is he had no signs of anaphylaxis, so the doctor advised against running off to the allergist, stocking up on epipens, and micro-monitoring everything just-in-case. He offered a one time epipen prescription if we’d feel better, but suggested we just let some benadryl kick in and try to just relax about it.

The benadryl helped quickly, and after they let us go he wanted to walk home and look at Christmas lights along the way, so we did. We got home, ate dinner, and then he went to bed. This morning he was looking and feeling 100% and went happily off to school. It’s beneficial that I’ve now familiarized myself with the hospital here and filled out the paperwork so any future visits will be smoother.

I’m very grateful that everything turned out okay and that everybody we dealt with last night was so wonderful. I’m also glad I was able to stay calm even though I was very worried about him – that helped everyone. Fingers crossed it’ll be a one time thing. 7 months ago

LadyBenoitMy mother was an impatient one...

I’ve always been considered to be patient; however, the level thereof was tested once I had a child and had to balance the rest of my life. I’ve heightened my patience by implementing new techniques – if baby is sleepy and throwing a tantrum I do what I call “stepping within myself.” It essentially means I stop focusing solely on her for a moment (which includes making sure she’s safe first), I stop doing everything and just meditate on the spot, standing if I have to. I focus on the fact that I love her more than life, that she is imperfect, regardless of how perfect I think she is, lol, that she is just a baby who hasn’t learned to express herself in other ways, that I have the capacity to be as patient as needed… I take deep breaths and then I’m able to refocus on the task at hand.

This has helped me with her, with my mother, with schoolwork, with myself… 7 months ago


So yesterday to be proactive at my goal of being a good mother I started the day off by cooking a big breakfast!!! Then we went to grandmas & did art together!! We had so much fun drawing faces!! My honey is such a great artist!!! Today I’m making pancakes, eggs, bacon, and yogurt & banana for breakfast! Then we r going to a very prestigious school to apply for preschool!! After that I’m taking her to the park! Today I want emphasize positive affirmations to build her self confidence!! I love being a mommy!!! 8 months ago

morgangreyI know this never ends, but...

My youngest is over 21, so mothering is a different thing now. 8 months ago

Spiritulibre56Potty training

Tmrw is a diaper free day! We are potty training! Gota pack extra clothes for our trip to Costco! Wish us luck!! :)) 8 months ago

LadyBenoitSolo Mommy Time Pays Off

I knew I needed assistance with my baby when I felt myself starting to become impatient and depressed. My entire outlook has practically changed in the time I’ve had a nanny. She watches my baby, on average, six hours a day while I’m home and still interacting with them…but it still helps immensely. When I need to focus on schoolwork – I can. When I want to exercise – I can. When I just need to take a shower without worrying about baby or drink a cup of tea in silence – I can. I’m a better mother for it. I’m well rested and go running with her, play with the toys together, build castles that I just know she’ll intentionally knock over, do somewhat creative stuff like play in the leaves, hold her and dance around the house, and let her climb the stairs a million times with me right there behind her. #blessed 8 months ago


For Halloween I dressed my angelcakes as an adorable ladybug. We first went to her doctor’s appointment – I had to stop the nurses from running off her with in their attempt to show everyone her/her outfit, Lol. I then took her around to visit friends and family. That evening me, my nanny and my best friend took her to the mall. She and I rode on the merry-go-round together and then we all went to the Cheesecake Factory where she ate mashed potatoes for the first time and (as usual) had everyone in the establishment falling in love with her. My nanny kindly video-recorded the merry-go-round ride and we both took lots of pictures while we were out eating. I look forward to sharing all of this with her when she gets older. 8 months ago

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