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become a size 4

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Hope this works! 4 years ago

Emilie69erBecoming a Size 4(Uk)

I’d always been a size 4-6 (uk)up until i reached 15, i know it’s because when you get to a certain age you cant get away with eating as much as you used to becuse you’re metobolic rate slows down and more glucose in the food you’re eating is stored as fat. However since then (2 years now) I’ve been depressed,still confident, well at least i say i am and always in the back of my mind wanting to be my old weight again (7st3lbs)i am now a uk size 10 & it looks so wrong on me. I made alot of escuses for a while.. lik ‘oh but my boobs will go’ (32c now) & my bf likes me just how i am. But it’s how i feel about myself that matters right? No one else… So now i’m determined i’ve had a diet programe and Exercise regime written up for me, So hopefull in a couple of months i’ll be a happy size 4 again. 5 years ago


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