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diosaIts a wrap

So Im wrapping this goal b/c the only piece left of my health deterioration from Feb 2012 is neck/shoulder soreness so Im going to keep working on that under the improve my posture goal.
The other issues that existed have been taken care of to a great extent
-gained back all the lost weight and got my appetite back (!)
-toned some muscle and got back some cardio – not at my best levels ever but enough energy to get through a day in a healthy fashion
-Had the potentially dangerous beauty mark removed
-Have improved my neck/shoulder from February, where all movment hurt, but still have lingering pain, especially after long computer days…

I’ve learned alot from this illness, about the importance of minding my body and the impact of mental stress on the body. The importance of valuing my body and health. When they were in jeopardy, it was the only thing on my mind and made things so hard.
Lesson learned. 17 months ago

diosaShoulder spasm

Home in bed with a heating pad!
As I was making the bed (oh the irony!)my shoulder spasmed and it hurt horribly. By the time I took a muscle relaxant and was horizontal I had missed a good chunk of the morning. Sigh.
1 step forward 2 steps back.
Also, a bit mad at myself that I let the massages slide. Not smart, even though I have no insurance, b/c this is the result.

Lets see what the physio says next Tuesday… 17 months ago

diosaPh ph ph physio

-1 muscle tension headache in 2 weeks – due to being at the hairdresser and forgetting to move my neck
-My exercise was advanced so now there is a neck shake piece..finding it helpful…
-Feeling much better at the shoulders though some lingering L shoulder tightness…

-Im booked to be seen in 2 weeks and if all continues to go well I’ll be wrapped with physio… :) 17 months ago

diosaPhysioing along

Postural monitoring is still in full effect. Still getting about 1 muscle tension headache a week but it responds to one advil so the inflammation is def. less. New soreness in my shoulder from the postural monitoring and neck exercise. Not sure if this means its working?
However, overall the pain is less so I can only be grateful. 18 months ago

diosaPhysio is cool :)

So the physio prescribed one neck exercise and postural monitoring. I was skeptical but compliant and it actually has been working. My neck pain is much less…so much so that I have actually forgotten to do my yoga stretches (normally the pain reminds me). So far so good :) 18 months ago

diosaFree physio

Sooo the new job has free physio for employees. Booked an apt for next Wed. , disgustingly early but free is free! 19 months ago

diosaWent to Chiro

As opposed to physio, chiro was free bc he is a family friend, prescribed exercises which I have started and are quite tough. I will check back in in 2 weeks…I think this goal will be completed with that meeting…from then on its a focus on the general qualities of health

1) exercise
2) health eating
3) water, water, water
4) healthy mind set
5) sleep 20 months ago

diosaMore more movement

ENT doc checked my hearing and nose and all is well :)
No long term effects of the ear infection and a deviated septum explains my stuffiness when suffering from sinus infections but no operation was recommended.

The only piece left to take care of is getting a physio appt. ...For some reason I’ve been slacking on this one huge….But its the last piece and I have to know how to safely work out before I leave for residency… 21 months ago

diosaProgress Schmogress

So the ear/nose/throat doc is booked for July 9th and faithfully taking my sinus med…seems to be helping with balance and ears but Im scared to kept too optimistic so keeping an eye (umm ear) out and fingers crossed. 22 months ago

diosaResults in

Dr. says that CT is all clear and bloodwork is good with the exception of iron.
Sent to ear/nose/throat specialist for imbalance issue and given a med for sinuses.They hope the sinus clearing will help the ear pressure and restore my balance completely. Finger crossed. 22 months ago

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