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BT_Clothing1That's would be so cool

I am living in shanghai city in china .If I have a chance to meet westlife ,that would be so cool ,however it’s a little vogue to have that kinda of chance ,coz i am working at this website www.busytrade.com the whole days with the lowest salaries 。so sad….>_<13 months ago

Helen HooperMiss Helen Claire Hooper

I would love to meet Westlife I’m from Luton I went to The LG Arena in Birmingham. to celebrate my 27th birthday with my brother and his girlfriend. I was so determined and upset when i left the LG Arena I love Westlife and i need their help to solve my problems because i never stop thinking of them I want to be with Westlife forever because they are so lovely and kind. I’m doing this because i care so much for westlife Please let me meet westlife and i love to have a backstage pass please help me i’m lonely at the moment because my dad is in hospital and I would like to go on a tour with westlife and i don’t want to stay in luton anymore because im so into westlife 2 years ago



shirin_wlMy Dream!

I so want to do this, its like my lifetime dream!
I love them, specially mark.. and i know its not a big dream, but its my number one!
I’m just 17! I’m young and naive, and I dream till i reach it :)
xx 3 years ago


i met westlife and it was such a great day iv seen them in concert and im going 2 many more when they get bak x they r so fit in pics and telly and concert but when u meet them in person OMG they r soo fit i love westlife x 5 years ago


I met Westlife at Stanstead Airport on the 31st August.
They was on their way to do the Pepsi Max Downloaded show and flew into the airport where they was an arranged signing with about 50 fans. 6 years ago


I have seen westlife everytime that they have came to Glasgow!

I have never met them! I’ve met loads of famous american bands! But I somehow can get close to these gorgeous men!!

One day though… 7 years ago

Gerard_Way_MCRBest day of my life!

OMG! These guys are so Sexy! If You think they are sexy on TV and in pictures, you wont believe how sexy they are in real life. OMG the day I met Westlife was the best day of my life. 7 years ago

ajmrIv met westlife 7 times!!!

find out where there gonna be and go!!! thats it- simple. there lovely lads and usually dont mind spending a bit of time meeting their fans. try going for low key events then your more likely to get a 1 on 1. have fun! 7 years ago


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