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Care less about what people think of me

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Dont judge a book by its cover 3 months ago


I simply decided not to react to things, and instead of thinking about what other people think, just make myself do things, like walk around in a dramatic hat (always a good one), refuse to explain my decisions to family and friends (if I decided to do/not do) something. Most fo the time people were fine. If not, well, I decided it was their decision to react like that! And it made me realise that I didn’t have to spend my days having an opinion on other people. 3 months ago

HyperChatCare Less About Peoples Thoughts

I want to do this because that when people say things to me whoever it is or if it is good or bad I always take it personally. It can leave me very upset and I do not want that. That is why I am going to stop it. 3 months ago

girlwitglassesHard to do

Sometimes caring what people think is needed to an extent like for reassurance if you doubt yourself and you need a self esteem boost. I just have to realize that not everyone will like me and those are the people I need to ignore. I used to get upset when people seemed not to like me. I always wanted to fix it and persuade them to like me. I realize I need to be true to myself and if I’m not liked its ok. 4 months ago

alysechanges who you are

If I didn’t care so much about what other’s think of me….what sort of person would I be???? 6 months ago

Kat Hall Untitled

It’ll take time, but you can do this! 6 months ago

girlwitglasseslove my hair

What my hair looks like after I took my knots down 6 months ago

girlwitglassesI love my natural hair

Well I wore my hair in style that I never have worn before. I got bantu or nubian knots for a few days so when I take it down my hair will be super curly. Well some people were not as receptive to my hairstyle while it was in the knots, but I chose to focus on positive reactions for those who knew the reason I had my hair that way. It felt great to walk and feel good about myself regardless of what other people comments. 6 months ago


Most of my life I’ve cared what others thought bout me. I’ve always tried to please people especially my family by trying to do what they thought was acceptable. I might not keep up with trends but its ok because I’m different & Imma continue to do me. This goal is almost complete 7 months ago

mzainhodekari want to care less about what people think of me

i hurt it when someone thinks 8 months ago

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