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I’ve worked so hard to get it :) I can’t believe I actually did it! 15 months ago

erm1226I graduated with it and got my diploma,

and I must say it was worth the experience. You’re diploma is just a piece of paper, and looks almost exactly like the certificate, so there’s no major difference between it all. Just as long you have a great head on your shoulders and a clear mind, I honestly believe you can do and accomplish anything.

Don’t let anything hold you back, even some silly diploma :) 2 years ago

Anda LutiaAnd I got it!

I went to the exams and got myself some nice scores and now i’m in COLLEGE, people! 3 years ago


but wasn’t awarded the diploma.
didn’t do the history internal assessment. thus, i was given an N.
and got a 2 in math sl.
in the end i got 17. 3 years ago


please, i am official dead tired. still grade 9 and im suffering
what is this…... i have worst marks than academic kids… I OFFICIALLY HATE IB RIGHT NOW4 years ago

sallyparki can do it

if i stop procrastinating? 4 years ago

2run2This is torture...but I can't seem to let go.

I don’t know why I’m doing this. It’s much harder than the standard diploma. I’m always studying…ALWAYS. Even when I go out, I start analyzing posters and texts, UGH. And to think my buddies still look better on their university apps, for now… 4 years ago

Anda LutiaUntitled

with good good grades 4 years ago

miffieEntering IB this year

The work is gonna kill me. I keep hearing others tell me “ohh, IB? Your gonna die in there.” It makes me so scared, I heard lots of people drop out because they can’t take the workload. Not to mention I will have basically no time for a social life or friends, I’ll turn into some loner study freak. I mean, is this even worth it? How will the IB diploma help you in your future life? 4 years ago


That’s funny! I wrote this two years ago, before I even actually joined “real IB” (that is, not IBMYP). ACTUALLY, JUST TODAY, I finished my last IB exam. I’ve taken papers for HL Eng, HL Hist, HL math, and HL Chem. And last year it was SL Spanish and SL Music. I’m pretty sure I didn’t fail any of them, for the exception of Math…I answered 50% or less hahah. So IB Diploma here i come! 4 years ago

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