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elerahBecause I tend to quit

When something traumatising has happened to me- Like several bad pain days in a row or if I just get tired.

The exercising inertia is rather hard for me to keep going, oddly enough. I go and go and go and start getting somewhere and then I stop. Two months later I find myself wondering how fit I would be right then if I hadn’t stopped.

And yes, and for the curious- I’m doing tai chi. :whee: 8 years ago

msmaravillaHoping to meet this goal along with another...

Off to Paris and then onto Russia. Taking exercise bands and plan on WALKING hours every day. But when I return, I will readapt this to a more normal U.S. exercise plan. 8 years ago

msmaravillaA good week so far

I have had two sixty minute workouts this week. Maybe I should create a more precise goal? 8 years ago

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