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rosiechongpaint my walls

bedroom – bathroom and kitchen. 4 years ago


I’ve been wanting to paint the walls in my house for about 3 years now but I never have the time and always feel overwhelmed by the thought of starting such a big project. I would like to finally do it before this year is over. 4 years ago

DecemberLynnI paid someone else to do it!

It was not worth my time or effort to do it myself so I let the professionals handel it! SO worth it! 5 years ago

CassiopeiaTrue Value Pinot Noir, Benjamin Moore Renaissance Gold

The perfect combination…. 5 years ago


I’m thinking maroonish/red… 6 years ago

kaosborneso much prettier.

My walls look like my walls now. Fantastic. 6 years ago

bibliophile1It's only paint...

It’s made such a difference in my apartment, for a gallon of paint and a Saturday afternoon. Wine-red, the most delicate yellow, wedgewood-blue, shell pink-peach, twighlight blue-purple—I’m so grateful for landlords who let me paint.

I love what an easy design-risk this is—if you’re worrying, stop. Just do it.(And if you hate it, it’s easy to change!) 6 years ago

yabadabado2ideas on painting

Finish door mural
paint the bathroom to resemble green linen… add purple for mardi gras with some gold… ??? flowers…. feathers… beads… not sure…
paint quilt room dark red-brown on the lower portion and red with some texture of the darker shade beneight it
paint front door gold (hippi child never grows old) 6 years ago


I love my walls now! It was a long process, but worth it. Just a little bit of trim to finish up… 6 years ago

ins0maShades of green

I finally decided to just go for it, and painted the walls of my bed- and living rooms. I went to the local DIY store, and looked through the samples until I found a couple colors I liked, and bought 2 gallons. I used color-wash brushes, and did a couple very light coats, until I ended up with a really nice textured effect. The bedroom is a kind of mint-mossy kind of color, and the adjoining living room, through the French doors, is a darker putty kind of green. It totally changed the whole feel of my place, and I’m really glad I did it. No more boring white apartment walls! 7 years ago

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