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I want to finish writing a novel of 50,000 words 4 months ago


Well I sort of finished the first draft and found it was 150,000 words. About 50,000 over an acceptable word limit. Have cut out one character and got it down to 120,000.
Now going to start another edit to see if I can lose another 20,000 words. Will post daily word count to keep myself on track. 4 months ago

Richard BroughtonNanowrimo

I’m pretty behind now after starting really well. Just over 14,000 words to write in the next four days, but still feeling confident. Okay, so there’s no sense of danger (apart from the main character’s own fears and inertia), but I’ll see it as a first draft, like they say on the website, leave it for a while and then come back to it and see what else can be done with it. For now, it’s write, write, write! 4 months ago

kristina robbinsDay One :3 August's Grey

So okay, this is what I got so far. It’s not how I want to begin it. Originally this was going to be a short story and that’s why I started it but I want this to be a novel now.. So yeah :/ This would take place after they’ve known each other awhile and developed a friendship, the guy being August and the girl being Grey.
accomplished. How every romantic story just claims
“it just happened out of the blue”, or, he scoffed
thinking to himself, “love at first site”. No, those
things are not true. Falling in love is an overly
complicated process stirring it around mindlessly
in his hand. No, falling in love definitely was not
an easy process at all.
Shifting his head to the side, August studied
her playing pool with some other guys that she just
met. These guys being bigger and stronger than he was,
standing there with their perfectly white smiles, cracking
jokes to make her laugh… he might not be as big but August
knew he was twice the man of any of those guys. They just
want in for the night while on the other hand; he wanted
in and never kicked out. Her hair looked even more auburn
than normal as it swayed down over her shoulders as she
bent down to hit the cue ball. He liked watching her face
as she concentrated; it was the only time he could tell
she was seriously thinking because she always hid behind
a smile.
“Hey, you ready for another one?” August almost
jumped as the bartender’s deep voice pulled him out of
his thoughts. Looking down he realized that he was holding
a now empty cup.
“Yeah, might as well…”
“Drink enough and maybe you’ll be able to man up
and go talk to that girl you’ve been staring down all night.” Chuckling, the bartender gave him another glass. Deciding not
to comment back so that a conversation would not spark, August
just went back to his deep thoughts. How was it that she could not see how much he wanted her? Could she really be that naive or does she already know, but just ignoring it because she wished it was not true. Who knew, either way August was not going to make a point of telling her straight forward.
“Stop! No-”
August snapped his head around to see her pinned to the wall by one of the masculine men. He was almost slumped up against her, rubbing his hand down her face and talking quietly to her.
“I told you that I don’t want you!” She said a little too loudly while attempting to shove him off of her. August, not knowing completely what he was planning to do, stood up and started walking over towards them at the other side of the pool table. By now, the man had stopped leaning over her and was just staring down, saying something quietly. He kept whispering, August was right about on him when he stopped, the man stood up straight and glance at him. August took no notice of that however, eyes on her in an almost trance-like gaze, he scooped her up and kissed her.
He had no idea what he was doing, his heart was thumping wildly and the beating filled his ears. She stared at him shocked, not doing anything at first, but then did what August considered the craziest thing in the world… She kissed him back. He couldn’t believe it, closing his eyes, he decided to enjoy the moment while it lasted. She tasted like nicotine and with a hint of the alcoholic beverage she’d been drinking, not too pleasant sounding but beyond addicting. Her tongue danced around his lips, just barely grazing them, outlining them, teasing them. He tightened his grip and pulled her even more into his chest, he wanted her so badly for so long and now he finally had her. Before he could get too into it, the memory of a smoky bar and a large man watching from behind him made him come back to reality. His heart still wildly thumping in his chest, August finally found the strength to pull away before he could get even more carried away and whispered “Hey babe, miss me?”
She fought to keep her hands from shaking and her voice calm. “Um, yeah…” 4 months ago

Clearly startled, Grey felt her cheeks where on fire.

kristina robbinsSTARTING NOW!!

I am taking this goal seriously and going to start writing a novel, might post some “sneak peaks” or something to see how people like it. Wish me luck! 4 months ago

bigtunacanGetting started...

Wrote the opening to my first novel today. Nothing like getting started to make it happen.

I opened an account on Deviant Art and posted it there. If anyone would like to take a look and provide feedback!

http://www.deviantart.com/art/A-Built-Man-The-Human-Wars-414420723 5 months ago


I am in the process of writing my first novel. Thus far, I have 14,965 words. I’m writing to 50,000 and my deadline is November 30. 5 months ago

ElzaAUpgrading my goal.

Upgrading my goal from story writing to novel writing. I wantede to write a story, but in the end the story is growing bigger and now that I am partcipating in NaNoWriMo it’s a novel….or a part of it for now.:D 5 months ago

Richard BroughtonI'm doing Nanowrimo this month

I’ve made a start and am about a 100 words up on my first day. It’s a lot harder than I thought. I’m used to writing plays, so I can see the diaglogue and what’s happening with that very easily. It’s a lot more difficult to fill out a scene with other people there (the first scene is in a coffee shop). You don’t have to really do that in a play! 5 months ago

adelesid85My Dream to be fulfilled

Writing a Novel is always my dream to do i have a keen obsession of writing an intriguing novel for readers. I am intending to plan my characters and story line to write a blasting novel published in a market with grabbing story for readers.

I wish to fulfill my all time dream in future. Thanks friends to let me share my inner thoughts and feelings right here. 6 months ago

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