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Go to Canada

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I needs to go Canda from Sudan How Can I do this 12 months ago


I needs to go Canda from Sudan How Can I do this 12 months ago

AshSmooth sailing

It was so great. We got away for a long weekend and explore a new city. London was great – I know we’ll return. The atmosphere, the people, the food. I cannot wait to further my exploration of this great country. We were talking about how awesome (and loooong) it would be to take a road trip from our house to Newfoundland & Labrador. Or from Michigan to Vancouver, or something like that. Paul really would like to go to BC. As would I. But I would go anywhere… 19 months ago


We’re heading through the thumb of Michigan through Port Huron over the Blue Water Bridge. So so so psyched. We originally planned on camping at least one night, but those plans got 86’d. I’d still love to do some camping in Ontario, or anywhere else. As a native of Michigan, I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get to Canada. Although I’ve never been, I’ve always felt that I would feel at home there. We shall see. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed. 19 months ago

KateCampobello Island

So maybe it’s not that far into New Brunswick, but I live only about 2 hours away in Maine and my mom and I didn’t have anything to do so we decided, “Hey! Let’s grab our passports and head towards the border!” It was a great time :) Next time I’ll try and stay for more than a day trip! 22 months ago

user12293I want to go to canada

I want to go to Canada because it seems like am amazing country. 2 years ago

LadyTomikoNiagara Falls!

I went there when I was only two years old, and I would like to go there again soon. Maybe this year or the beginning of 2012 ^^ I really want to see the Niagara Falls!! I remember that I was wearing a very tiny raincoat and a matching hat that day, this was so long time ago haha.

Well I was on a big boat with my family that takes you VERY close to the Niagara Falls. 2 years ago

convoswplantsfrigid hong kong

i hear vancouver is like hong kong! i really want to visit but i’m sort of afraid it’d be expensive. i might be able to figure out a way though. 2 years ago


I really want to go to Canada.
More than anything.
I’m not sure why.
It just seems so amazing and of course, better than the U.S
I really want to go to Calgary, The falls, and T-dot x3 3 years ago

Hafizur RahmanWant to work in Canada

I want a job in Canada, my sister in law is there and she is citizen, so i can live there and just want a job offer from Ontario. 3 years ago

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