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sld1Keeping it current.

I keep my professional/work resume current—one never knows.

But I’m especially proud of my personal resume of volunteerism and leadership in the faith community. This is the long one, too!! 6 years ago

JaniFI've just got to get it done.

It can’t really be that hard, right? It’s just such an annoyingly white piece of paper.

It used to be that I hated the idea of writing one because it felt like bragging.

Now I hate the idea of writing one because I don’t think I have anything worth putting on it. Does a skimpy resume equal a skimpy life? What exactly HAVE I been doing for the last four years? 6 years ago

Cassiopeiait was beautiful

it was a beautiful resume, and now i have it to build on forever. 6 years ago


Looks like this goal will be moving up the list, so to speak, as it seems that I’ll be needing a résumé very soon. I don’t mean in a good way, though, like I graduated, but more like there are no classes offered next semester that will count toward my major, so I’ll have to get a full-time job for a little while.

And I only need 8 more classes! Sometimes I feel like I’m going to be 60 before I ever get this stupid degree. Sigh. 6 years ago


I wrote a resume and it got me a job. Keep your resume to the point—let them “figure you out” on a page, and you don’t have to list every single thing you’ve ever done in your life. Achievements are nice. 6 years ago

lobjust wrote 2 more

one for each of my oldest sons. They’re both going to look for part-time jobs, so I got their resumes ready for them. 6 years ago


Technically, I’ve already written a resume. Several of them, in fact, but I’ve never written my own. I’ve helped lots of friends and family members with theirs, and sometimes these people get jobs, so that’s encouraging. I have a hard time to sum up my own experiences and accomplishments, it seems so much easier to write them for other people. This one will probably get put off for a little while, I’m not exactly in the market for resume-requiring work at the moment. 6 years ago

Hedgehog1532really not so tough

i actually finished this months ago, i wrote in in one day. but, since then i have had it looked over by several people for edits and i can definately say now that it is finished. 6 years ago

RheaOpheliaSending to a friend.

have to prepare CV and coverletter. Get ready my portfolio, whatever I have.Have to do this before September. Maybe next week. 6 years ago


Sent several copies out with a cover letter, and already had some interest. 6 years ago

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