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channelofabundanceIt is my ...

It’s my job to like my life, not …
I love my job
I work on liking my life

I start with my priorities
Then I place my happiness inside the goal, not from anyone

My goal is the combination of choosing:
with the right people
in the right way
at the right time
To fulfill my core priorities

It is my job
to design and work on loving my life :) 3 months ago

Alison Liwork harder

people say “work hard u’ll succeed” or “work hard play hard” but lately an acquaintance they i interact with has work hard at 16, able to do residency for med students yes i said 16 and now he’s back at community college deciding to concentrate (for example wanting to do surgury specializing in the heart) so this is b**t and also my friend staying at undergraduate one more year when she’s already finished for her bf and ended up breaking up, and she’s now really happy and productive in her life, so this work hard thing is just really not applied well 4 months ago

Alison Liwiki improv

go wiki for some acccuracy

” If she’s not interested (that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you, but she likely doesn’t have a crush on you or romantic desire), she’ll likely look at you inquisitively, but she won’t express any particular strong emotion.” haha wiki give you some props for that.

now parody time….yayyyy

“If she likes you and she told her friends about you, they might come up to you and start a random conversation about things such as: Who would you rather date me or (her name), who do you like better, who is the hottest, would you marry (her name) or me, etc. If they name a list of about three people and her name is in the list, she probably told her friends about you and they’re trying to search for clues to see how you feel about her.” wikihow website’s def got their A-GAME on ;) we guna lurk and let all our hair down, right ladies?
okay, the only reason that would happen is NEVER. unless ur friends is like backstabbing b** but I don’t really seeing that…I mean seriously, who has time for that when you can be doing something even more productive than that. until next time wiki how ;)

http://www.wikihow.com/Know-if-a-Girl-Likes-You 5 months ago

Alison LiI feel so grateful

So basically, yesterday reminded me that even though life is unfair, it is still good. For instance, Mrs. Aaron, an ex-secretary who works at a school near Sunrise came to VISIT ME…OMG!!!!! that made me feel so so so so incredible and then when Mrs. Aaron reminded me that I have true friends, it made me realize for the very first time that I, in fact do have true friends. For instance, the time period when I was having mental stress alert breakdown, I would constantly call my friend, and he would not only de-stress me, but he would cheer me up :) Moreover my friend, Hannah, would always be there for me now that I think about it, for instance, when I cried because of an embarrasing moment that happened in school and when there was no one to vent to, I just vented to her. I could honestly say that she is one of my best friends :) Just took the SATs and although I don’t know about the scores, I feel confident that I did well. 2 years ago

chelsey johnsonUntitled

It’s not easy but i don’t think i could love my life without faith in God…There is always going to be bad days but through faith anything is possible. 2 years ago

DreamingDreamsI love life.

I want to love life. :) As much as I can and help other people see its beauty. I want to reach my dreams and help those people who are in need. 2 years ago

proudofmyfrecklesweird dreams

So, I was a little sad the past couple of semesters, but life has really started to grow sunny since. One of my sad issues had been weird dreams. I had a weird dream last night for the first time in forever, and just taking some time to deal with it once I woke up..analyzing it for all the silly things and also all the things that made sense helped me get over it and now my day won’t be colored by the weird dream.

So. Yeah. I think that’s part of the progress. 3 years ago

Lady_Twitti love me and my life =')

i just think if i love my life..life will love me..because my life is so wonderful =’)... My life is like a movie with a happy ending ♥ XOXO3 years ago


I appreciate life and what it can offer. It`s an ongoing process. 4 years ago

barbar_ellarough times.

i am very self-loathing right now. but even though i see some issues with myself i will still love my life. i swear it. i wont just sit here on the internet all day, smoking. which is what i am inclined to do when i am very depressed.

i just have to look on the bright side i guess. 4 years ago

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