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live in New York for one year

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CottonWoolJamesPlanning to live in NYC for a year, but where to start?

Hello my name is James and I’m from England. I’m about to start my final year at university. After I’m done I’m hoping just to get a normal, ok paying job. Saving up for a year I would love to spend the money on living in New York for a year. My dream is to go over and get a job with a company called Next New Networks, even an intership to get my foot in the door would be fantastic!

However, I need to serious, I know its going to take alot to get over there. I need to start thinking about where would I live, how do I even find a place to live before going over. Getting a job that I know will pay for sure (incase my dream doesn’t work out)

If anyone has gone through the experience and could give me any advice, tips or if your just able to tell me what I would need to do that would be great. Much thanks

from James 3 years ago

luckiswhathappensI want to get out of here.

I’m a twenty year old male, my life seems to have been in limbo for the past 6 months. I’m from a big city in texas and I am currently in a rush to relocate. New York City is my target. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone there. I’m not attending school. I don’t have alot of money or anyone that will help me out. (family is out of the country). I can cover the plane ticket to la guardia but that’s about all I know about new york. I’m a musician/painter with a good head on my shoulders, but I seem to be stuck in a rut. My lease is up in a week and I don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to go to. I’ve heard brooklyn is where I need to be. Any tips on finding a place that is affordable for 1 or how to go about finding a roomate and a place? PLEASE HELP!!!! 5 years ago


I have more than a year an I love it! 5 years ago


I was born and raised in Ny, I love it there, my whole family is back there and I would move back, but I have a great job here 8 years ago

auds1978I could be doing this know

I currently live in Texas. I received a job offer in Queens. The only problem, not the job for me. And I mean that in a big way. I would have been completely miserable. So living some place I want to live good. Work 60+ hours for no money very, very bad. Whats the point of living in New York if you have a job that is alot of hours and you know will drain you? 8 years ago

yakuza2+ years

I lived in NYC for 2+ years. And definitely want to move back. 8 years ago

Jason CarterOne year was good...

two years was great, three years was enough. 9 years ago


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