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pay off my student loans

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gaaabriellethe grand total is in

i graduate in may and i’ve racked up a tab of $27,000
I start paying it back 6 months after graduation
.......... bring it on!!!!!!!! 6 days ago


Today, I’m making my last student loan payment. It feels amazing. It took me about four years since graduation to pay nearly $90,000 off. I’ve had to make a ton of sacrifices but it was all worth it. Now, I can focus on building my financial future! 2 weeks ago

Eliza MarieNot getting anywhere!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to come into some money, or like win the lotto or something? Then, I can just pay it off, and not have to think about it anymore. It’s been really annoying having this bill. I need to pay it off, just get it over with!

AMOUNT LEFT TO PAY: $5,604.742 weeks ago

AlsanderaJust an update

Private loans:
Dec. 2013: $15,440
Mar. 2013: $12,970

In the first third of this year (end of April), I will have paid more than I paid in all of 2013. That’s nice, but I have other things I need the money for. I’m stressed out about the house – it desperately needs siding – and about the car.

Options: Get a second job, which I don’t think I could handle right now. Get a roommate, which I hate and requires that I clean the house. I need to buckle down to one of them, though.

Good news is that I’m still in the running for a civil service job, and that job would pay a portion of my monthly loan payments. 2 weeks ago

gaara_chanKeeping on Keeping on...

Only two portions remaining for a total of about $4,600 left. Getting closer every payday. 2 weeks ago


A little over $1500 left on the highest interest private loan. At this point, though, when I finish, I plan to drop to minimum payments for a bit.

Rationale: My current payment is $450. My new minimum payment will be $80 on 2.75% interest ($12k balance). That’s $370 every month that could go to the 6.55% public loan and/or to a car payment (about 3% at my credit union). As much as I really don’t want a car payment, my car is 14 years old and horribly maintained. I don’t want to chance getting into trouble with an old car. This one needs new tires as it is, and that’s at least a car payment or two right there.

Please feel free to offer thoughts since this is a vague plan at best that’s mostly influenced by the car thing. $10k car loan payments, btw, are around $220, which would leave $150 for those higher-interest loans. 3 weeks ago

HollyPrivate loans - Done!

Used my tax refund to pay the last $2600 or so on my last private loan. Now all that is left is the federal. That’s substantial but the payment is something I can handle and I’m in the direct loan program for teachers and other public welfare jobs (police, firefighters, librarians, etc) and hopefully will be able to cancel whatever is leftover at the end of 10 years of repayments. I have just under 8 years left. Looking forward to 2022! 1 month ago


It’s sorted. I have $1892 to pay off on the smallest/highest-interest-rate private loan now. If I pay at my current rate and they allocate like they have been on my automatic payments, I’ll have this paid off in August, exactly when I wanted it to be! 1 month ago

ShineAgainALMOST DONE -- April 4th will be payoff day.

Start: May 2010 with $88,000 in debt
Current balance: $3,000

Big props to myself for sticking it through, being frugal, living at home, etc. to make this goal almost a reality. DEBT FREE HERE I COME. 1 month ago


While everything still isn’t sorted out with the private lender, I am much closer. Both checks have finally been applied – incorrectly, of course – and then they pulled out more than I had set my payments up for – and now they’ve randomly changed my payments to the 7th rather than the due date of the 21st. What else are they going to come up with?

At this point, if they correctly reapply the check that went on walkabout, I may be able to get the private loan with the highest interest rate paid off before school starts in August. Considering that the only school to seem interested in me pays a bit lower than I was expecting, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make any payments at all during school, so I really hope I can get that one paid.

On a positive note, my boss really wants me to work ~10h a week remotely. That would double my income as a grad student, but I’m not sure the school would go for it at all. 1 month ago

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