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Visit the isles of scilly

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SilvieLovely trip

And the Isles are so calm and peaceful. Such a shame DH went down with a cold , and then passed it on to me just as he was getting better. However a great place to rest and recuperate.

Would love to go again and just walk everywhere (apart from the bits in between the isles obviously) to take it all in. 3 years ago

SilviePlan into action :)

Booked so far

Early start and stop for lunch in Somerset, attending a meeting en route.
First night on Bodmin Moor
Eden project
Second night at Sennen Cove
Flight to St Mary’s from Lands End
2 Nights on St Mary’s
Return flight

Still to book:
One night (last night) somewhere on route home possibly in Devon / Somerset (Exmoor? Any suggestions?)

So this is going to happen :) 3 years ago

SilvieWe have a plan

Just need to book everything now. The plan is to travel down on 2 stages and spend the first night in Devon, and then go and spend a day at the Eden project the next day. Then stay overnight in South Cornwall. Next get a flight to St Marys the following morning. Have 2 nights there than fly back and travel north to Devon(ish) and have another stop over. Then the last leg home the following day. So 5 nights away and 3 days / 2 nights visiting the Isles of Scilly. 3 years ago

SilvieNot sure how it's best to do this

The Scillonian sailings leave early in the morning from the mainland, so we would need to stay overnight in Cornwall en route, if we were to travel by ferry. Thinking about that we might be best to do a 2 centre holiday and maybe pull in the Eden project too.

Alternatively we could fly there by helicopter and get the Scillonian back.

Bearing in mind my previous attempts to holiday in Cornwall, we would still have a stop over on the way.

Whatever it is potentially an expensive trip – I think at least one night on the Isles maybe two and two in Cornwall (breaking our journey going and coming back)

For this trip we will be leaving the pack at home – I don’t think the helicopter would take 3 dogs! 3 years ago


You can catch a helicopter to one of the islands (St Mary’s) from Penzance. I’ve never been in a helicopter before. I really really want to do this. Hope I can afford it this summer. 6 years ago


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