watch the eurovision with ice cream and terry wogan

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weathergirlEurovision rocks..

..I wasn’t sure about the winner! but how fun is Eurovision. We were all laughing so hard. Especially at Lithuania. Check it out and spread the love! Lord it’s hilarious. What an institution this competition is. xxx 7 years ago

laweeezwell I'm glad Lordi won

had to wake my daughter up for them, and she said ‘are they their real faces?’. i did wonder too. I also liked the Lithuanians, who sounded bizarrely like the pogues (who knew lithuanians sounded irish?) and had the same pisstake spirit about them.

Fell asleep by the Turkey – Sweden – Armenia phase where wailing women with thigh boots and long legs all meshed into one overloud parade of maria-careyism. And hats off to Daz. The words weren’t that bad and you’ve got to give him credit for unabashed naffness. I thought Norway would win, but then I’m biaised cos all the Norwegians I know are lovely.

Terry didn’t get linked up and they had sold out of the spagnola ice-cream so it was haagan daaz cookies & cream, but I’m glad I watched it if only for the moonwalking Latvian acappellas and the Russian piano lady. It has bizarrely enriched my life, if only as in, I’m not that weird after all.7 years ago

laweeezkeep missing it

but my mum has promised to remind me. She’s (rather too) good at that. I’m going for a large tub of that maraschino cherry spagnola stuff and spread out mattresses and duvets for a big family telly moment. It’s a great way to teach kids about geopolitics too.

Need somehow to wire up Terry Wogan to French tv. Could be harder.

But it is the high spot of my year, and I’m always well peeved when I miss it. My family don’t even call on birthdays, but we all phone and say who the winner’s going to be. So this year, am going to Be Prepared. 7 years ago


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