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spend more time outdoors

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thegrayareagood timing

Beat the rain; even had a few sun breaks. 3 days ago

thegrayareaIt's ok my favorite bench was taken.

It was chilly today, so I was glad to get a bench in the sun for lunch. 6 days ago

thegrayarealucky day

My favorite bench was free at lunch time. 1 week ago

thegrayareaFavorite bench taken again.

Luckily another bench down the path was free during my lunch. 1 week ago

thegrayareaTurned lemons into lemonade.

Someone was on my bench, so I hiked right down to the river & sat on the rocks. 1 week ago

thegrayareaPeople be jealous.

When I told a coworker who works at a different location I eat my lunch by the river every day, she said “You’re so lucky.” And then an old woman walking her husband & dog saw me there & said “You’ve got the best spot!” 2 weeks ago

thegrayareaIt's called quality of life.

It won’t matter a year from now that I don’t know how to do this new job. What will matter is me taking my lunch by the river as much as possible. 2 weeks ago

thegrayareahappy place

Had to eat my lunch a little earlier due to a meeting, but I was glad I made it a priority. Luckily my bench by the river was vacant. The weather was only slightly less awesome than yesterday. 2 weeks ago

thegrayareatoo short

A sunny 70 degree lunch by the river. 2 weeks ago

thegrayareaovercast & chill

The geese were really honking it up at each other as I ate my lunch by the river today. 3 weeks ago

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