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obtain & maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 20-25, which experts generally consider to be healthy.

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Daffer_KentI have been over-eating, and scales have crept back up

There are times of the month that I ignore the scales, or don’t step on them in the first place.

But it is deflating to go backwards. Still, I need to start more walking training, so that should help.

My initial target weight was 70kg, be interesting to check in July, what weight I am. 4 days ago

Daffer_KentMid March and still 70kg

So, I have maintained my weight for almost 5 months.

Now to push on down towards 65kg, or 143 pounds.

If I get into the Vierdaagse and start training, then I expect it will pretty much fall off, with the increase in exercise. It better. 4 weeks ago

Lark1At my last check

I’m about 31, which is well outside the range but I know where I’m beginning from at least. 3 months ago

Lark1I still have an unhealthy BMI

At the moment its, according to online tests, about 31.

So I need to get it lower. 3 months ago


Never really paid too much attention to my BMI. I only noticed what mine was when I go for routinely check ups at the doctor. I guess I have been doing a good job lately.

Changing eating habits and going for walks can go a long way 4 months ago

Beginnings Herestill hanging in there

Not going far up or down.

If I could only use treadmill more. 5 months ago

Daffer_Kent70kg BMI 25

I almost can’t believe it, have made it to 70kg in time for my birthday later this week. Go me!

Now that I’ve scraped into normal weight range I am thinking of how much more I might try to lose. Ten years ago, I weighed 66kg, when I was working hard to maintain that weight.

For now, I am just going to pat myself on the back and be happy. 5 months ago

Beginnings HereOK…yo yo

I stay in the range but I was trying to get to 20 not 23.

Can’t seem to keep consistent.

how to…

I promise… 5 months ago

Daffer_Kent71kg BMI 25.2

Almost at my target weight! 5 months ago

Daffer_Kent72kg BMI 25.5

Getting closer and closer to my target weight.

I’ve got a significant birthday coming up, it feels good to be in better shape this year than I was last year.

My target weight is moving lower though, slowly deciding that I will see if I can get below a BMI of 25. About 10 years ago I got down to 65kg, when I was running occasionally. I was training for a 5km fun run. I couldn’t run the whole thing in one session, but that was a nice target.

Every so often, I contemplate in an idle, not really serious, way running a marathon. 5km, then 10km, then maybe a half-marathon first? 5 months ago

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