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obtain & maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 20-25, which experts generally consider to be healthy.

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Beginnings HereI have gained a few pounds

but last week i started back on the treadmill and working out in the yard. Lifting heavy things. lol

The yard looks beautiful and my hope is that between the treadmill and the yard work….and getting back into yoga…i can get there.

I’d like to do yoga in my yard once green is in and my privacy is present. 4 days ago

Daffer_KentI have been over-eating, and scales have crept back up

There are times of the month that I ignore the scales, or don’t step on them in the first place.

But it is deflating to go backwards. Still, I need to start more walking training, so that should help.

My initial target weight was 70kg, be interesting to check in July, what weight I am. 1 week ago

Daffer_KentMid March and still 70kg

So, I have maintained my weight for almost 5 months.

Now to push on down towards 65kg, or 143 pounds.

If I get into the Vierdaagse and start training, then I expect it will pretty much fall off, with the increase in exercise. It better. 1 month ago

Lark1At my last check

I’m about 31, which is well outside the range but I know where I’m beginning from at least. 3 months ago

Lark1I still have an unhealthy BMI

At the moment its, according to online tests, about 31.

So I need to get it lower. 3 months ago


Never really paid too much attention to my BMI. I only noticed what mine was when I go for routinely check ups at the doctor. I guess I have been doing a good job lately.

Changing eating habits and going for walks can go a long way 4 months ago

Beginnings Herestill hanging in there

Not going far up or down.

If I could only use treadmill more. 5 months ago

Daffer_Kent70kg BMI 25

I almost can’t believe it, have made it to 70kg in time for my birthday later this week. Go me!

Now that I’ve scraped into normal weight range I am thinking of how much more I might try to lose. Ten years ago, I weighed 66kg, when I was working hard to maintain that weight.

For now, I am just going to pat myself on the back and be happy. 5 months ago

Beginnings HereOK…yo yo

I stay in the range but I was trying to get to 20 not 23.

Can’t seem to keep consistent.

how to…

I promise… 5 months ago

Daffer_Kent71kg BMI 25.2

Almost at my target weight! 5 months ago

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