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catdonmitIt's All in my Head.

I have the ideas. The proposal letter is written. The business cards are made. My staff is made up.

The confidence isn’t there.

Same story. Different day. 5 years ago

DJexilSponsor a child in Haiti

I’m looking for volunteers,( Teachers, Doctors, etc..) to help me save lifes in Haiti.
Even though you are not from Haiti,your help is very greatful and appreciated. It always feel good to help out, specially those kids that in needs. Our website in under construction. 5 years ago

raccooniewant to start a non profit in oregon

I want to start a non profit to help all the homeless people
I see in my neighborhood. From young people to
old, there are so many . I help them the best I can, but
I want to do more. 5 years ago

tatianassfHelp orphanages in Russia.

I want to give back and help the children that are not wanted. 5 years ago

AylieaStart an International non-profit organization

I’m an American citizen living in a foreign country, and I want to start an International NPO. I found plenty of resources for starting an NPO in the States, but so far, nothing for starting one Internationally. Does anyone have any resources where I can find out what legal steps I need to take to set up an International NPO?


Ayliea 5 years ago


I want to help a international non-profit organization get it feet off the ground! My major was in mass communication and it would be great to use it towards something that is postive! 6 years ago


wanting to start non profit org. for the homeless in colorado 6 years ago


wanting to start non profit org. for the homeless in colorado 6 years ago

cwidhalmCreate a company that builds Affordable Housing

I want to start a non-profit development company that builds affordable housing. I want to create a place where people not only have a place to live but learn to live in community with others and learn to improve themselves. 6 years ago

dharma3starting a non-profit

My firend and I would love to start a non-profit. Initially we wanted to work with adolescent girls, however; we have changed our demographic to low-income families. The only thing is that rather than use a conventional approach to helping people, we would like to utilize a holistic approach in combination with a conventional approach. This is something that we don’t see in our community. We both have worked for non-profit agencies for years and just decided that it is time to work for ourselves and help people in a way that is meaningful to us.

Any advice on how to go about this.? Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks 6 years ago

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