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Today I started a diet. It’s based in a program from a website that sales frost food for weigth loss. I hope to keep in this program until it ends and don’t be hungry. I wish to keep focused on my dream of become thin. 21 months ago

livilooloostarting to gain wight like mad

hi i’m new to all this but here goes. I was really quite fat when i was 8/9 but then when i came into my teens i became quite thin and i was at a comftable wight i still didn’t have a flat belly but i was happy i just needed to get toned. now how ever i seem to be gaining wight like crazy i went shopping today and instead of being a size 10 i’v gone back up to six 12 (and even that was tight) i’m 17 but i don’t want to stay like this i need some sort of diet (that works) and exercise but can’t seem top find one to fit me:( 3 years ago


I just wan’t to be thin. Very thin. I am 14.6st and coming up to 15yrs and I just want to be sexy, thin, and something that the guys love. I want to be good looking, fit into size 10 clothes. I am on a diet, if I go to 8 stone in the next year, I may become thin. I’m so fat!! :’( 3 years ago

othentiqStarting all Over again....

I sort of became relaxed and gave up easily the other time,and i ballooned to 89kg-up from 85kg. Packing up those 4kg was easy but i know losing them aint gonna as easy.
So i’m gonna start by jogging everyday after work, then eat less calories. it’s a bad thing i dont have a scale but i would have loved to weigh my food before intake.
My boyfriend wants to take me to South Africa for Christmas and i know we are gonna be going to the beach so i need to lose badly in these next two months. If i can lose 10kg then i’ll be the happiest woman alive!!
i know it can be done and i’m going to do it!!!! 3 years ago


137 3 years ago


i was so fat in primary school maybe the 3 most fat in the whole school last year i got sick for 3 months and i lost a lot of weight i think 15 kg now we went for holidays and we came back and ive gained 3 kg need to become thin help!!!!! 3 years ago


i was so fat when i sit on a chair it breaks.now i love being thin im 8 years old and i love my life now.WOW!!!! 3 years ago


i look great,before i was fat.thank you. 3 years ago


Im 15 years old, 5 ft 8 and 9st 6lbs, back in March i was only just over 8 and a half stone and would freak if I got anywhere near 9st. Then I didnt weigh myself for a few months and was shocked when i got on the scales. I had a holiday coming up so i wanted to lose weight quickly. I crash dieted and lost my desired 7lbs in just over 2 weeks. But I regret this so much, I started eating a lot again on my holiday and put on more weight than I had originally because my metabolism slowed. I want to be thin again but I have no idea how. People laugh if the see me outside running or swimming at the pool and I cant eat less as during my crash diet my friends got upset and told my parents so both my friends and parents make sure I eat loads ):
Please help me? 3 years ago

choheechewGet The Korean Weight

I really need to get skinny because I want to get rid of all of my bubbles over here. So I need a good reminder. I want to keep to a Korean look. And the majority of Koreans are very skinny. So I have to try my best and eat 400 cals a day. Tops. 3 years ago

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