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go sailing

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Fun and relaxing! 17 months ago

nevadagirlamberA starry night sail on the Nile

I spent last night on a felucca, an Egyptian traditional sail boat. I loved seeing the Nubian crew work the ropes, coaxing the wind to fill the sails and push us up the river.Pics to come! 22 months ago

Julie KaneWell, C. has bought a sailboat. :)

Looks like this goal is in the bag in a matter of days. I may even have a boat named after me in the near future, how cool is that?! 23 months ago

nevadagirlamberBooked a trip down the Nile!

No welsh holiday for me instead I’ll be enjoying some river time when I get to Egypt in late June. Am super excited!! 2 years ago

meghangeyerKey west

Sailed out to the reef to snorkel :) 2 years ago

nevadagirlamberFinally this year!

I am planning side trip to Wales when I head over the pond this summer. Cardiff has a few novice sailing courses that I am definitely going to take advantage of. I’m super excited. 2 years ago

luckyturtlegirlWith my Best Friend

Well, we weren’t best friends yet… but sailing together was one of our first outtings. :o) 2 years ago

et_before40Still have 3 years!

Not going to happen this year. Maybe next summer! 2 years ago

Rolex1000Step one!

Bought two vouchers for sailing on Lake Tahoe!!!
We are planning on going in September!

Yay! 2 years ago


this is booked in for August and am hoping I shall enjoy it and will be inspired to book a weekend sailing trip in September 2 years ago

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