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Still tough to get to work before 8….ugh 9 months ago

AltoneceWhy is this so difficult?

Sheesh! I am so annoyed that I cannot get this together. This goal is interrelated to another goal…stop procrastinating.

As I type right now, I should be getting ready for my part time gig. But no. I don’t stop. I keep typing. I check out Pinterest. I check out Twitter. I check out FaceBook. I check my personal emails. I check my business emails…

What the heck! And the thing is, I will say…I need to stop…and I keep going. It is like self sabotage. Why do I do this? I know better…I don’t do better.

I need to get to the source of this. I really do… 14 months ago

Ajit gunge29thJan2013

I need to prioratize and learn. 14 months ago

Ajit gunge16thJan2013

Punctual:Acting, arriving or performed exactly at the time appointed

(I really suck in this :).I need to work hard.I have this habit or procrastinating the things till the last moment.I need to get over this habit first.Please suggest) 15 months ago

Ajit gungeThis is a difficult as I am totally disordered with my life!!!

This one will require some time I guess as I as this one requires discipline which I am very bad with (: 15 months ago

Ajit gungeToday I have started this activity!!!

Trying to get everything done on time from today onwards.Will share my learnings soon with everyone :) 15 months ago

Anisha HimbEasy if you are determined

I made it a point to wake up earlier and get all chores out of the way…. then I preponed all my usual works by 5 minutes… then being punctual came naturally. If someone like me can be punctual, then everyone can do it easily. 17 months ago

Dreamdancer12off to make this happen

Going to be on time today! I’m determined! Be back later to spread some wonderful cheers :) 23 months ago

Dreamdancer12Working on it

Definitely room for improvement still… 23 months ago

Dreamdancer12Friday was good!

I was precisely on time for all four appointments! Two self care, two for clients. And I turned down the opportunity of working with an unexpected client who wanted in at the last minute to honor my evening plans. Feeling better about this :) 23 months ago

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