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hansel123I want to meet Hannah Montanna

I an a big fan of yours. I love your movie i am going to see it again and again. 5 years ago


i dont know what to say but i do know does that make sense? u rock my world yes u do love jack 5 years ago

jack3214 hannah fan 1#

i am a huge fan. i have your series recorded i have all your CD’s why do you wear a wig just why don’t u just be yourself on stage i hope i meet you p.s my Cusin Pualu THINKS that fake cried at the kids choice awards i told her that she was jelus of u love jack 5 years ago

bluemish_coleenhi montana!

Hi Hannah Montana! I’m always dreaming that I can see you can talk to you but I know that is only a dream…But I love you very much every 9pm I’m always watching your show….Please read this! 5 years ago

lolliepoplyndseymeet thee her

I never saw hannah montana in person and it would be sooo totally awesome if i really could one day! 6 years ago

grtie678I want to met her

Miley all I was going to say is That u r awesome and You are such and inspiration! 6 years ago

grtie678Hannah Montana

I love Miley Cyrus! soo much I seriously would give up anything except my family and friends to meet her. I would cry to see her.
I would freak out! She is my role model for life! She is such an inspiration. I love you miley! 6 years ago


i soo want to meet her I have been inspired by her since I was little. She has always been a role model to me and I have been practicing so much singing. It would mean the world to me if I could do this I am only Ten years old It’s soo worth it! 6 years ago

lovebug43the most hannah montana

hi i love you i like your dad too but your better.but if you have msn put me on at kaileyannemcleod@hotmial.com 6 years ago

cutestfanyour so popular

I love your music!how did you get picked for Hannah Montana?Did your dad catch Linda the mouse yet?Nobodys pirfect i got to work it again & again till i get it right nobodys pirfect you live and you learn it again and again till you get it right! who are you dating are you dating cody linly or joe keven or nick?i never ever went to your concert before i really want to get your autograph!keep up the good work + my sister has a facebook and her name is Kirsten McCaffrey i dont know if you know her or not but yea so e-mail me back

♥your biggest fan Brianna Mccaffrey 6 years ago

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